This Hong Kong Hotel Just Won Seven Michelin Stars – Giving It The Most Stars Under One Roof in the Entire Region

Talk about bringing home the bacon – following the recent results of the Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2022, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong has been awarded seven Michelin stars – with one restaurant taking home three stars for it 14th consecutive year

Exciting news for fine dining fanatics – Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong continues to lead the way as a multi-starred culinary destination with the Michelin Guide Hong Kong Macau 2022 results, recently announced on January 19, 2022.  In the 14th edition of the guide for the region, Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong brought home an impressive seven stars, the most Michelin stars to be found under one roof in Hong Kong.

Lung King Heen, the world’s first Chinese restaurant globally to attain the three Michelin stars recognition in 2008, has retained its position in taking home three stars for the 14th consecutive year. Overseeing this relentless pursuit of excellence is Chinese Executive Chef Chan Yan Tak, restaurant manager Jacky Cheung, and the team.

While maintaining the refined tastes of Cantonese cuisine, Chef Tak has expanded his culinary vision in the past year, working with local organic farmers and sustainable meat producers to continue to push Chinese cooking into new frontiers. Simultaneously, the service team has continued to elevate the wine and spirits offering, exploring new regions and exclusive cuvees to offer guests unique pairing opportunities.

Joining Lung King Heen is the monument of French fine dining Caprice, retaining the coveted three-star accolade for the fourth year under the leadership of Chef Guillaume Galliot, Restaurant Director Samuel Vouilloux, Restaurant Manager Victor Judeaux and Sommelier Victor Petiot.

Since taking helm of the culinary operations in 2017, Chef Galliot and his team brought the restaurant to new levels in execution and creativity. Chef Galliot’s personal journey through his career beginning in France to Asia is reflected on the plate with a unique expression of French gastronomy. His authentic vision is complemented by the exquisite dining room and renowned hospitality by the service team where every wine selection is a story and every movement a ballet.

The third jewel in the crown is Sushi Saito. The first overseas location of the famed restaurant originally from Tokyo by legendary sushi master Takashi Saito, this intimate restaurant has also been recognised with one Michelin stars this year. Sushi Saito Hong Kong is led by Chef Masashi Kubota, who continues chef Saito’s dedication to craft of Edomae-style sushi, where the precision of fish ageing, rice cooking, and balance of vinegar, soy sauce and wasabi create sublime moments on the palate.

General Manager and Regional Vice President Bill Taylor commented: “The Michelin Guide award is one of the greatest recognitions an establishment can receive.  It is a testament to the dedication of our chefs and service teams in providing the most exceptional experiences for our guests. 

Seven Michelin stars under one roof at Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong allows our guests from all over the world to enjoy the world’s finest cuisines in one destination executed on the highest level. When guests dine with us, they can expect more than just a meal – they embark on a journey of taste; they will find a place to connect with someone they love; and we hope that when they finish, they leave transformed.”

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