Health-Boosting Recipes To Fight The January Blues

The arrival of January means the festive season is well and truly over, with chilly weather and dark wintry evenings taking its place.

Battle the dreariness of this ever-lasting month with Dale Pinnock’s healthy recipes – his delicious dishes are the perfect antidote to boring fad diets and typical January restriction

In his book, Anxiety & Depression: Eat Your Way to Better Health, Dale Pinnock clearly explains how you can alleviate the symptoms of anxiety and depression by changing the way you eat.

He unpicks the physiology and anatomy of anxiety and depression to show how diet can beneficially affect the hormones that alter mood. Here, he shares three top recipes to beat the dreaded January blues with a number of vitamin-packed ingredients and superfoods.

1 Salmon Skewers with Wasabi Root Vegetable Mash

Dale Pinnock's Salmon Skewers with Wasabi Root Vegetable Mash

These salmon skewers with wasabi root vegetable mash are rich and flavoursome – easy comfort food at its best.

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2 Nutty Bircher Museli

Dale Pinnock's Nutty Bircher Museli.jpg

This is Dale’s take on a Bircher muesli. Packed with selenium and with a low GI, this is an ideal breakfast.

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 3  Mackerel With Herbed Mixed Bean Salad

Dale Pinnock's Mackerel With Herbed Mixed Bean Salad

Boost your mood with this vitamin-packed dish. A super-filling yet light dinner, filled with lots of B vitamins, zinc and, of course, the ever-faithful omega 3.

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4 Feel-Good Fish Pie

Dale Pinnock's Feel-Good Fish Pie.jpg

This is fabulous feel-good food at its best. The fact that it is packed to the hilt with important nutrients for the nervous system is a massive bonus. But it tastes so good, that will be the last thing on your mind.

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5 Greek Omelette

recipes to beat january blues .jpg

This Greek omelette is like a flavour explosion, packed with freshness and gooey goodness.

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