6 Ways With Summer Salads

Keep your cool with one of these refreshing summer salads. Who needs pre-made supermarket salad bags when you can dig into one of these delicious chef recipes?

1 Jose Pizarro’s Tomato Salad with Olive Oil

Jose Pizarro's Tomato Salad with Olive Oil

Here, two main ingredients make a perfect simple pintxo or side dish for grilled fish or meat. Tomatoes and olive oil – two of life’s best pairings for a hot summery day.

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2 The Dorchester Collection’s McCarthy Salad

McCarthy Salad

Dine like a star – this famous McCarthy Salad is named after the polo-playing millionaire Neil McCarthy, who had The Beverly Hills Hotel’s chef almost always make this specific salad.

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3 Nathan Outlaw’s Prawn, Chilli & Potato Salad


Ideal for a simple lunch, Nathan Outlaw’s prawn, chilli and potato salad is bound to ‘bowl’ you over.

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4 Alfredo Russo’s Quinoa, Radicchio & Pear Salad

Alfredo Russo's Quinoa, Radicchio And Pear Salad

Bursting with crunch and fresh flavour, Michelin chef Alfredo Russo shares his recipe for a filling quinoa, radicchio and pear salad.

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5 Solla Eiríksdóttir’s Raw Root Salad


Solla Eiríksdóttir’s raw root salad is a plant-based feast for the senses.

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6 James Martin’s Salad Niçoise With Griddled Tuna


James Martin’s salade niçoise with griddled tuna is an essential bistro and café classic. While others do foam, tinsel and fairy dust, this is a proper plate of food.

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