Jose Pizarro’s Tomato Salad with Olive Oil


Here, two main ingredients make a perfect simple pintxo or side dish for grilled fish or meat. Tomatoes and olive oil – two of life’s best pairings for a hot summery day

“For me, there was nothing better than going to my dad’s vegetable garden, which is now my brother’s, on a hot summer’s day to pick tomatoes straight from the plants.

The smell of the tomatoes would always hit me first, then we would wash them in pure spring water and eat them. That’s what I call a perfect start to the day.”

• 6 beautiful tomatoes
• 3 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
• sea salt

1 Cut the tomatoes into roughly 2 cm pieces. Place in a bowl, keeping all the juices.
2 Add the olive oil and salt. The salad is now ready to enjoy – it’s as easy as that!

Recipe courtesy of Jose Pizarro, extracted from Basque. Photography by Laura Edwards © Hardie Grant 

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