5 Boozy Bakes To Try

Celebrate London Cocktail Week (4 – 13 October) with a beautifully boozy bake.

From gin-filled cakes to liqueur-loaded pastries, raise a toast (and a cake) with these top chef recipes

 1 April Carter’s Black Forest Torte


This tower of boozy cherries, cocoa cream and layers of chocolate cake is an indulgent but minimal update to the classic.

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2 Fanny Zanotti’s Babas Au Gin & Tonic


A light raspberry syrup and a lot of gin and tonic – this boozy babas au gin makes for a divine plate.

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Simon Hulstone’s Strawberry & Elderflower Liqueur Dessert


Ideal for a delicate yet decadent dessert, Simon Hulstone’s strawberry and elderflower makes an excellent adults-only end to a meal.

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4 Paris Brest With Rum Custard


Dig a fork into this Paris Brest. An exquisite dessert. this creation is made from choux pastry piped into a circle, covered in flaked almonds and filled with a mixture of praline, creme patissier and whipped cream.

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5 Luke Tipping’s Rum Baba with Coconut Chantilly

Jodi Hinds Food Photographer London

Rum babas are light sweet yeasty cakes soaked in rum syrup. This version is usually made with little deep moulds and served them with pineapple and extra syrup.

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