Viva La Valletta: The Amospheric Capital of Malta

Take a trip off the beaten path this autumn with a visit to Valletta, Malta’s atmospheric capital

Valletta, the capital of tiny Malta, is a magical city that you can not get enough of walking, gazing at the beautiful buildings and streets.

Many conquerors such as the Normans, the Phoenicians, the Moors, the Knights of St. John and more recently, the British passed through here over the centuries. Thus, various cultures have influenced the city, but most importantly, those of the Order of the Knights of St. John.

About the history of Valletta

Valletta owes its existence to the Knights of the Order of St. John and its name to the Grand Master Jean Parisot la Vallette. The Knights created Valletta as it needed a city of refuge to care for the wounded and the pilgrims during the Crusades. And since money did not matter to them, they created a city with stunning architecture in Baroque and Renaissance style while luxury was worthy of the aristocrats who inhabited it.

How to get from the airport to Valletta
Malta International Airport is ten kilometres from Valletta. However, the traffic on the roads is always significant for this, and you will notice long delays, especially during peak hours. In Malta, traffic is one of the biggest problems as there are many cars and the roads are generally narrow.

By bus
Inside the airport, you can get your ticket for the buses that will take you to Valletta while the stop is right outside the building. The itineraries take place from early in the morning until late at night, and as in all buses, the ticket here is cheap.

By rental car
The ideal solution for solving your travels, not only upon your arrival at the airport but also on the outskirts of Valletta, is to rent a car. The rental car will offer you flexibility but also freedom of movement, something you need when travelling to a new destination. So you can turn to the services of Enjoy Travel, which provides you with a huge variety of vehicles combined with the ideal market prices.

What to see in Valletta

The centre of Valletta is located between 12 parallel streets, most of which offer a unique view of the port. And while there are many exciting sights to see, I believe that initially you just have to walk its streets. At every step, the buildings will tell you their story and will impress you, and at the end of each road, the view of the sea will take your breath away. In fact, if you book a tour that will offer you a lot of interesting knowledge about its history, then this walk will be unforgettable.

National War Museum – Fortress of Saint Elmo
The National War Museum of Malta is housed within the fortress walls you cross to enter Valletta. The location was chosen for strategic reasons of fortification and to deal with the enemy invasions. Today from that point, the visitor enjoys an unobstructed view of the sea. In the museum, among other things, you will see a wonderful collection of objects that tell the history of Malta from the Bronze Age to recent years.

Upper Barrakka Gardens
The Upper Barrakka Gardens are located in the most beautiful part of Valletta. They were created in the 17th century and have initially been private gardens of the Knights that served as a place for their rest and relaxation. From here, you will enjoy a unique view of the Grand Port and the Three Cities located directly opposite. In fact, if you are at this point at 12:00 noon or at 16:00, then you have the pleasure to watch the canon shelling that takes place daily during these hours.

National Archaeological Museum
The National Archaeological Museum houses a significant collection of objects from the Prehistoric period of Malta, starting from the first presence of man on the island in 5200 BC. It is housed in a 16th-century baroque building and prehistoric objects that include even more exciting weapons and sculptures.

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