Trine Hahnemann’s Chocolate Marzipan & Nougat


A Scandinavian delight, Christmas has never tasted so sweet

• 400g marzipan
• icing sugar, to dust
• 200g soft danish nougat
• 150g tempered chocolate, to cover

1 Cut the marzipan into three pieces. Roll out one piece on a work surface dusted with icing sugar to about 5mm thick.
2 Halve the soft nougat and roll out one piece on top of the rolled marzipan to cover it. Roll out the second piece of marzipan as before and lay it on top of the nougat, followed by the remaining nougat.
3 Roll out the final piece of marzipan and lay it on the stack, so that you have five layers of alternating marzipan and nougat. (If you prefer, you can make just three thicker layers, as we did for the photo.)
4 Slice the stack into 1cm diamonds and dip them in tempered chocolate. Let them rest on a wire rack until the chocolate has set.

Recipe courtesy of Trine Hahnemann, extracted from Scandinavian Christmas


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