Restaurant Review: The MaE Deli


We try lunch at The MaE Deli for a meal that tastes every bit as good at its Instagram photos suggest

Stroll along Marylebone’s pretty streets and you’ll find the MaE Deli on Seymour Place – the combined work of power couple Matthew and Ella Mills (aka Deliciously Ella). The chicly simple venue serves up a range of ultra-Instagrammable bowl dishes, paired with a selection of equally appealing baked goodies and drinks.


We arrive on a busy Sunday afternoon and as the deli is fairly small in size, this means there’s a small crowd of hungry folk almost lining up outside the door. Luckily, the food proves worth the wait – and there’s plenty to admire whilst we queue patiently in true British style for our turn to order.

The food


Rather than selecting set lunch options, the deli works by creating your own personalised bowl from four of the numerous bright dishes. There’s plenty of colourful creations that catch my eye, but eventually I decide.

I opt for a bowl brimming with Roasted Sweet Potato with Coriander Tahini, Butterbean & Cauliflower Falafel, Olive & Sundried Tomato Quinoa and Grilled Pepper, Courgette & Aubergine with Sorrel Pesto – accompanied with a cinnamon cold-pressed ‘Mylkshake’ and a trendy turmeric latte that arrives in a cup almost bigger than my bowl.

The venue

Downstairs, the seating area is slightly cramped but well-decorated, with cute cushions, classic floor lamps and little tables. It’s styled like a comfortable living room and despite being packed, offers a very relaxed and laid-back atmosphere.


We waste no time in digging in, and the contrasting textures prove delicious – each bite is fresh, surprisingly filling and bursting with colourful flavour. Whilst everything at The MaE Deli is wheat, dairy and refined sugar-free, this doesn’t equate to being bland or boring in the slightest. The turmeric lattes are especially good, and pack the kick that a snoozy Sunday afternoon needs.

The verdict

Nourishing, natural and not an ounce of boring food in sight. If you’re a fan of healthy eating without deprivation or too hefty a price tag, make a pitstop here for a rather luscious lunch indeed.

Make it happen
Where: 21 Seymour Pl, Marylebone, London W1H 5BH
Cost: MaE bowls start from £9.75

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