Question Time

I am a person who has always liked answers. When I was growing up, I used to spend most of my car journeys asking my dad random philosophical questions that I’d been thinking about for days. They’d been building up in my head and I’d ask them at the most inconvenient of times – like just after a McDonald’s drive-through.

I wanted to know why things were happening, who was doing what and how everything worked from a young age. It’s no surprise really, that I’ve ended up in journalism – asking questions has become common place and I spent Sunday morning interviewing someone fascinating for my job.

I still like answers – I hate not knowing. Especially with an overactive imagination. I’m not a mathematical person at all, but it’s still good to give a definitive side to something. There’s nothing worse than the lingering unknown really, is there?

After my interview I went perusing through the streets of Brighton in search of rings and  a new wallet. To no avail unfortunately, but here’s what I wore – an old black H&M swing dress with a Forever 21 denim jacket. Suede boots, and a vintage necklace bestowed to me by my brother.


I love that necklace. It’s a globe in the shape of a hot air balloon – and reminds me why I love travelling so much.  It’s nice to wear something a little quirky once in a while.


After everything that happened last night in London I spent most of today in a bit of a daze, thinking about the people involved. It is very scary when films become reality. People aren’t toys, and it’s not something you can just switch off from.

Sometimes there are tough questions that need asking, but we are too afraid to raise them in case the answers we get are not the ones our ears desired. But I think it’s time we found our voice.



Hope you had a great Sunday,

Sophie x

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