Pride of Britain Hotels Announces Rebrand as PoB Hotels

Overnight bags at the ready. With more Brits than ever opting for a staycation when it comes to short breaks, PoB Hotels has launched as a brand committed to relaxed, modern luxury through the showcasing of a range of independent hotels dotted around the British Isles

PoB Hotels has recently launched as a rejuvenated collection of carefully curated rooms, the finest restaurants and spas, and the most authentic regional experiences across the British Isles. Formerly known as Pride of Britain Hotels, the new PoB Hotels marks a shift towards an entirely new brand, personality and ethos under CEO Kalindi Juneja. 

POB Hotels aims to encompass relaxed, modern luxury and will continue to showcase a range of independent hotels dotted around the British Isles, continuously inspiring guests to discover new hotel experiences that are Pampering, Outstanding and British. 

New research among 1,000 UK adults over the weekend of 4th and 5th February, and commissioned by PoB Hotels from market intelligence firm AudienceNet, shows that more British citizens intend to not only travel across the British Isles during 2023, but also stay longer at their chosen luxury hotel. Almost two-thirds of UK adults (63%) claimed that the appeal of taking a break in Britain as opposed to flying abroad, had increased since the pandemic. 

Furthermore, over one-third (35%) of all UK adults plan to stay at an upmarket, luxury or spa hotel within the British Isles, with 53% saying they would be more inclined to book a three-night stay, within a British hotel, rather than a two-night stay. Two-thirds (66%) of UK adults claim they like to be very well looked after and pampered when staying in a British hotel

The importance of experiences, such as good food, better wellbeing and spa facilities, was said to have increased for as much as 60% of the UK adult population when staying at a British hotel.

From castles brimming with northern charm to seafront lodges sitting along the southern coast, PoB Hotels celebrates the personality and characterful spirit that is the essence of these small, independent hotels. 

Kalindi Juneja, CEO of PoB Hotels, comments: “It’s an exciting new era for PoB Hotels as the evolution of our iconic British brand has already brought us new hotel members and is attracting new guests. Britons want to spend more time enjoying the incredible experiences on offer within the British Isles and we will be showcasing the finest privately-owned hotels, restaurants and spas available. 

The foundations of the new PoB Hotels brand lie in inspiration, information, and individuality, helping guests to develop a sense of place and opening the door to authentic British hotel experiences.

Information is an integral pillar to the PoB Hotels brand, ensuring that through effortless, intuitive messaging, guests will be able to embark on their new experiences with ease. Individuality is also a key aspect, all member hotels are independently owned or run, celebrating their own uniqueness, and forming a diverse collection in every sense.

The new PoB Hotels logo is an important symbol and identifier of the brand. The primary logo colour is charcoal, offering a strong contrast to the secondary logo colour of white, whilst creating an elegant, refined, and modern impression. PoB Hotels’ secondary colour palette is a celebration of British nostalgia with a sense of familiarity, warmth and connection to culture and place, including shades such as: Heather, English Rose, Crown Jewel, Custard Cream and Green Apple. 

A defining purpose of the PoB Hotels brand is to “Open the door to inspiration”.  Think of PoB Hotels as the key and each hotel as a door to new experiences. Each completely unique. Each hand-picked. Each the Pride of Britain. The doorways convey intrigue and individuality, aiming to inspire current and potential guests to visit a PoB Hotel.

In line with the new brand, PoB Hotels is launching a new website that is centred around the guest experience. The new website has a significant focus on the regions across the UK and the Channel Islands.

PoB Hotels is committed to responsible travel and the importance of sustainable practices across its hotels and  has partnered with EarthCheck, the world’s leading scientific benchmarking, certification, and advisory group for travel and tourism – to develop environmental good practice and certification for hotel members, and company-wide regenerative practices.

Within year the brand has achieved bronze certification for the PoB Hotels entity and   25% of the member hoteliers have signed up to EarthCheck. A further 8% hotels are in discussion with EarthCheck and 10% of hotels have embarked on the path to guided sustainability certification with other bodies such as Green Key. PoB Hotesls organise several sustainability forums and webinars to raise awareness on the topic and have ambitious plans for year two.

In 2023 they are working towards developing a plan with key Sustainable Development Goals that PoB Hotels will champion with an aim towards silver certification with EarthCheck. Sue Williams, General Manager of Whatley Manor has been elected their sustainability brand ambassador and guide and PoB Hotels is aiming to have more members embark on becoming carbon responsible.

There will be annual surveys to assess progress of the membership, an important step in their ongoing commitment to sustainability and a way to promote the importance of sustainable practices across the hotels.

Kalindi Juneja added: “PoB Hotels will be inspiring guests through stories on our new website, via social media, and through our gift range and highlighting how guests can experience the very best that Britain has to offer. For those that want to embark on new experiences, celebrate the heritage and provenance of the British Isles, and discover characterful independent hotels through responsible travel then PoB Hotels will provide the answers.

Our existing guests will continue to see the familiar sense of our passion to serve. We have taken time to assess what our guests love about us so we can amplify that whilst also looking at what we can improve. The new PoB Hotels look is clean, fresh, and more reflective of what the membership has evolved into.”

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