Michelin Chef Massimo Bottura is Hosting Nightly Free Virtual Cooking Classes on Instagram


The Michelin-starred chef is hosting free, nightly cooking classes via his personal Instagram page to help bring a dose of optimism into our lives during the COVID-19 outbreak

Whilst popping over to Rodeo Drive to try Gucci’s new Italian restaurant with Massimo Bottura at the helm might be out of the question, the chef is bringing his world-class cuisine straight to our screens with free virtual cooking classes.

Never stopping, the Michelin-starred chef is full of much-needed optimism that’s needed at a time of such panic and despair.

Whilst some of us in self-isolation are ordering gourmet food via delivery apps, Massimo is encouraging foodies to jump into their own kitchens instead. To help boost morale, he’s hosting a nightly, free cooking class series via his own personal Instagram page.

Taught in English at 8pm, Kitchen Quarantine comes to you live via Bottura’s own home where he’s holed up with his family.

Of course, this is far more than just tortellini and simple kitchen skills. “This is not a cooking show,” he said in a short video this afternoon. “It’s just a way to share with people from all over the world… we just want to be part of the world.

There’s a beautiful sentence in Italiano from a poet, Franco Arminio [translated roughly to]: yes, we are here, home, but we are talking with the whole world, so we are sharing with the whole world.”


Tune into Kitchen Quarantine at 8pm CET daily. See his first mini class via //www.instagram.com/embed.js“>M//www.instagram.com/embed.js” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>assimo’s Instagram page.

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