Meet the Chef: Giuseppe Stanzione of Hotel Santa Caterina

“We will re-start again with the same principles, evolving with an eye to the future and one to the past”

Head Chef of Glicine, the dreamy flagship restaurant of glamorous Hotel Santa Caterina in the Amalfi, Giuseppe Stanzione is a chef striving for only the best.

With Glicine recently awarded a Michelin star for its second consecutive year, The Wordrobe sat down with Giuseppe to discuss the future of hospitality, career advice and the temptations of midnight snacks…

What inspired you to become a chef?
The greatest inspiration was certainly given by my passion for travel, curiosity and desire for knowledge, food and conviviality have always been at the centre of my family traditions and culture.

Where did you train? Tell us more about your culinary background…
My most important experiences began in Italy starting from Rome in the kitchens of the Convivio Troiani in 1998, then Bologna, Verona, Ravello, till I embarked on a series of professional trips lasting about three years, between California, Australia, China and Thailand.

What’s your favourite summer dish?
My favorite dish in summer is undoubtedly tomato of Sorrento salad, topped with fresh garlic, spring onion, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil and accompanied by buffalo mozzarella and fennel flavoured taralli (local water biscuits).

What can guests expect from a meal at Hotel Santa Caterina?
I believe that the expectations are very subjective and personal, each person has their own and therefore difficult to predict. 

What I can say is that surely they must expect a unique 360 ° experience throughout the context, for the food part instead I definitely believe that they expect to find a rich, territorial cuisine with a decisive and recognisable touch and a dose of innovation that makes it different and personalised.

What does hospitality mean to you?
For me hospitality is a guide line along which we feature to the guest a designed path from the moment of the booking, underlining needs and expectations, to build a tailor-made experience…

How has traditional fine dining adapted to the post-lockdown world? 
Regarding fine dining, I personally did not feel the need to adapt it to this unforeseen historical moment  and therefore after the World stop, we will re-start again with the same principles, evolving with an eye to the future and one to the past. 

I try to maintain its identity, as in pre-lockdown we were already careful to implement adequate procedures aimed at sustainability, environment, scrupulous management, and minimisation of consumption and waste. Our major goal is the basis of a wide selection of different food choices that satisfy our clients’ needs. So attention to detail for us has always been a fundamental rule.

 Name your three favourite restaurants.
– “Nonna Sceppa” a Peastum
“Lido Azzurro”  ad Amalfi
“Tenuta Antica braceria “ a Santa Lucia di Cava dei Tirreni

What advice would you offer to aspiring chefs, especially during these difficult times?
The advice that I would like to give them is not to forget their origins, loving and safeguarding their homeland territory, rediscovering also the family values that today are the basis of everything and are the first step in addition to study, to experience this career in a brilliant way.

What do you think will be 2021’s biggest food trend?
Surely the current and future trends will increasingly be aimed towards sustainability and environment.

Finally, what’s your favourite midnight snack?
Late at night there is nothing better than a delicious fried pizza…

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