Introducing Caldera Yachting, Santorini’s Sleekest Yachting Experience

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Recently awarded 2022’s Best Luxury Private Cruises in Greece, we take a closer look at this Santorini-based luxury yacht charter company

Caldera Yachting is a luxury yacht charter company based in Santorini, Greece that promises – and indeed delivers on – the optimal sailing experience. The specialist company offers all-inclusive shared and private cruises on a wide variety of brand-new vessels from which clients can make their selections.

These include yachts, luxury catamarans, monohulls, motor yachts, traditional and rib boats that elegantly combine comfort and safety. 

“We offer our clients the comfort and pleasure of luxury personalised cruises around the beautiful island of Santorini, creating an exceptional and unforgettable experience. We also guarantee a superb day of sailing in a relaxed atmosphere, while taking care of all practical aspects of the trip efficiently and in response to customer needs and wishes – that’s the Caldera Yachting promise,” says Yiannis Matthaios, CEO at Caldera Yachting. 

Caldera Yachting was founded in 2009 with a desire to bring together the two worlds of yachting and hospitality. At that time, the business had just two boats and was supported by a team of five. In 2019, just before the pandemic, the company reached 18 yachts and a team of over 100 who have welcomed and served in excess of 50,000 guests – which is a phenomenal achievement. In 2022, Caldera Yachting boasts a fleet of 22 yachts. A milestone in the company’s journey was being accredited with the ISO 9001: 2015.

Through the years, Caldera Yachting has grown its fleet of yachts and also made gains with its social media following. This was boosted by the launch of a full range of digital tools and the Caldera Yachting App, on which users can explore the fleet of yachts and the various cruise options available, as well as make enquiries about bookings, which is a convenient service for many of Caldera Yachting’s clientele. 

Over the years, Caldera Yachting has received numerous awards. In addition to the latest award from lifestyle enthusiasts Luxury Lifestyle Awards for ‘Best Luxury Private Cruises in Greece’, the company has received several Tripadvisor’s Travelers’ Choice Awards over the years.

The company has been participating in the Greek Tourism Awards since 2015 and until 2021 it has been honoured with silver and gold awards in the categories ‘Sea Tourism’ and ‘Customer Service’. In 2017 Caldera Yachting was honoured with the award ‘Charter Company of the Year’, ranking it among the best in the world, while in 2018 it came back from London with the title ‘Best in Luxury’ from the International Travel & Tourism Awards by WTM.

In 2021, Caldera Yachting was certified by the Certification Bureau with the Certificate of Registration to CMD 1881/20 Hygiene Standard for the implementation of preventive measures against COVID-19.

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