Icehotel in Swedish Lapland Unveils First Images of Latest 2021 Design

One of the globe’s most unique hotel experiences, the enchanted doors to the 32nd rendition of the original Icehotel in Swedish Lapland are officially open – where a whimsical winter-only hotel made entirely of snow and ice sculpted by world-class artists awaits

This is no typical stay (and yes, all guests need to pack more than a bikini and sun hat, as it’s a -5C temperature once over the treshhold). An ephemeral art exhibition made entirely of snow and ice from Torne River, Icehotel opens each winter in December before melting back into the Torne River come spring. Whilst post-spring stays might be impossible at the original residence, guests also have the option to book a stay at Icehotel 365, a place where visitors can enjoy experiences of ice and snow all year round.

Each winter a new version of Icehotel is built entirely from ice from the Torne River – no concrete, no mortar, just frozen H2O. This year’s design was crafted in a mere six weeks, built with six hundred tons of ice and enough ‘snice’ (a combination of snow and ice) to fill a rather chilly 10 Olympic swimming pools.

Great Gatsby – Tomasz Czajkowski & Tomasz Jastrzebski ICEHOTEL 32 – photo – Asaf Kliger

The finished result includes 44 warm hotel rooms, 28 warm chalets, 18 year-round open art & deluxe suites of ice, a single accessibility adapted Art Suite made of ice, 3 meeting rooms (because who doesn’t like to talk business at plunge pool temperatures) plus a ceremony hall, bar, 3 restaurants and for those with a love for film, a movie theatre made entirely from ice and snow.

Together with Icehotel’s building and ice production team, incredible artists from all over the world have created twelve art suites in the winter Icehotel #32 – as well as three new art suites in Icehotel 365, the year round hotel. New for 2021, there’s also a new custom design for the ceremony hall for intimate celebrations which has been been built by the artists Marjolein Vonk & Maurizio Perron.

An incredible feat, during the final two intense weeks of building, twenty-seven artists from around the world, together with the hotel’s construction team and Creative Director Luca Roncoroni, have worked hard to create this year’s winter hotel and all of its art.

Ceremony Hall , ICEHOTEL 32, Photo – Asaf Kliger

As well as UK and the Netherlands this year’s artists have come from Sweden, Poland, Spain, Chile, Norway, France, Germany and Italy. Some of the artists have visited and worked at Icehotel before, while others have experienced Jukkasjärvi for the first time. What all artists have in common is that they have been carefully selected by Icehotel to create unique works of art and suites that our guests can enjoy.

The new art suites in Icehotel 365 include “Wanderlust” created by the German artists Kristina Möckel & Sebastion Scheller, “Strobilus Land” created by Swedish Linda Vagnelind, and “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” created by the Swedish design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg.

UV – Nicolas Triboulot & Fernand Manzi ICEHOTEL 32, Photo – Asaf Kliger

In addition, to the art experience the guests will be able to enjoy the many outdoor Arctic experiences such as snowmobile adventures under the northern lights and dogsledding, or savour award-winning cuisine at Icehotel Restaurant, sip cocktails out of the iconic Icebar frozen glasses or challenge themselves to a spot of ice sculpting.

Extraordinary highlights include:

1 The Dickensian London Street

A highlight of the new hotel is the suite designed by British father and daughter duo Jonathan and Marnie Green called ‘Dickensian Street’ where guests are taken a trip back in time to travel in a bygone era down the cobbles of a London street set in Dickensian times with shops, houses and even a pub intricately carved out of ice.

Dickensian Street, Jonathan Green & Marnie Green – ICEHOTEL 32, photo – Asaf Kliger

2 Monkeys, Dinosaurs, Chickens and Reindeers

Among other seasonal designs, guests can enjoy the hexagonal Art Deco interior of the ‘Great Gatsby’ suite, a band of monkeys and a prehistoric dinosaur crash the party in the ‘Room Service’ suite and reindeer from the frosty blue tundra gather for their migration to the coast in the ‘Blue Tundra’ suite.

There’s a suite filled with chickens in the ‘To bed with the chickens’ suite created by Edith Van de Wetering & Wilfred Stijger from the Netherlands where the phrase “go to bed with the chickens” means going to bed early. And, extinct animals feature in the ‘No Pressure’ suite which depicts earth in a press with the beds placed in a gigantic vice that keeps guests in a steady grip.

To bed with the chickens – Edith Van de Wetering & Wilfred Stijger ICEHOTEL 32, Photo – Asaf Kliger

Make it happen
Breaks from £359 for a three night stay. The winter hotel will be open until April 2022. Discover the World is offering a three night break from £359 per person this winter with all clients able to take advantage of a comprehensive flexibility promise*. The price includes two nights warm accommodation and one night sleeping on ice in an Ice Room as well as breakfast each day. Flights extra. Upgrade to an ice suite from £390 for the 3 night stay.

To book a trip to the Icehotel for this year or to visit during the summer or next winter contact Discover the World on 01737 214 291 or go online Please note, travellers have the ability to cancel a trip 45 days prior to departure and receive a FULL refund* including a deposit on new bookings for Icehotel holidays booked by 31st January 2022 for travel before late August 2022.

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