Hotel Review: Velona’s Jungle Luxury Suites, Florence

velona's jungle - breakfast room table

 At Velona’s Jungle Luxury Suites in Florence, we discover a luxury B&B mingling eclectic interiors with exceptional service

In the scorching heat of summer, Florence is not a place for the faint-hearted. It’s boiling hot – and when you’re out and about in the midday sun, can leave you feeling parched and weary.

But at Velona’s Jungle Luxury Suites, the modern and modish B&B hidden in the heart of the city, there awaits an escape from the madness of Ponte Vecchio’s crowds of tourists and the centre’s mob of meanderers.

With its soothing air conditioning, extraordinary interiors and far-flung chic style, expect to feel like you’ve stumbled upon an oasis in the middle of an Italian desert.

The venue

velona's jungle - livingstone suite bed detail

A luxury B&B with a mere quartet of rooms, Velona’s Jungle is planted on the third floor of a regal mid-century palazzo in central Florence. The property’s past is as interesting as its current interiors. A former family home of Pasquale Velona, a widely-known Florentine antiques dealer, his daughter converted the abode into four truly stupendous suites.

velona's jungle - entrance

Ideally located for explorers, it’s a 15-minute walk away from the city’s famed Ponte Vecchio bridge and other attractions – and only ten from the city centre if you walk fast. But it’s the inside rather than the exterior that really captures the imagination with Velona’s Jungle.

The rooms

velona's jungle - darwin suite detail

If you love design hotels with flair, this tropical paradise is bound to leave a lasting impression. Unique and lavish to the core, Velona’s Jungle features a plethora of exotic jungle-inspired interiors.

Think flamboyant wallpaper, rainforest-print textiles and vibrant, eye-catching colour. It’s Instagrammable enough to convert even the Aumish.


It’s the little details that make these modern suites not only stylish, but fun. Frivolous decor appears in the form of feather-flecked lamps, animal-themed furniture and even fern-covered bathroom ceilings.

velona's jungle - livingstone suite space

With four individual suites to choose from, each of the four rooms offers its own personality to escape into. Choose from the Durrell Suite with palm tree walls, the Fossey Suite with deep turquoise hues, the Darwin Suite for zoology galore or the Livingstone Suite for a forest-esque feel.

velona's jungle - fossey suite detail 2

Large and light, luxury amenities come in the form of spacious beds, heavenly rain showers, cozy armchairs and large bottles of Laboratori Hur organic bath products. Many furnishings date back to the mid-century, with pieces collected by the magpie-like family patriarch during his travels in Italy and further beyond.


Expect to feel rested in the morning, and if you’re simply pitstopping in the middle of the afternoon, rejuvenated.  These suites are undoubtedly trendy, and it’s no surprise that they once made the cover of Architectural Digest. 

velona's jungle - suite fossey ensemble

The communal dining room is another piece of eye-candy to admire. Whilst there’s no restaurant at Velona’s Jungle, friendly staff serve a delectable breakfast here each morning. After starting with a selection of vegan pastries and fruit bowls, move on to a menu brimming with different Florentine dining options.

The Wordrobe verdict

Offering exceptional service and strikingly beautiful interiors, this boutique accommodation is just as friendly as it is fabulous.  If it’s rooms with personality you prefer, it’s time to book a stay at Velona’s Jungle Luxury Suites.

Make it happen
Rooms from £140 per night. To find out more and start the adventure, click here.

Words by Sophie Ritchie

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