Hotel Review: nhow London, East London

Plan your next urban adventure and say yes to the now at nhow London. A haven of stylish tranquility sitting in the sky, editor Sophie Ritchie swoops up to this East London hotel’s 8th floor for a night of the penthouse treatment

There’s always a place for traditional Austen elegance, but you cannot deny a hotel with modern pizazz possesses a certain special impressiveness – especially when it comes to whirlwind city adventuring. nhow London indeed makes such an entrance, sitting shiny when stepping off East London’s bustling streets into a world of entrancing urban cool.

Vibrant and full of vivacious energy, find nhow London just a short stroll from Islington’s chic café lined streets. The 4-star property first opened its doors to city slickers in early 2020, a few short months before the world crashed to a grinding halt. But with the grind now back in full swing, this pet-friendly East London stay is an ideal hotel choice for anyone with an artistic side.

Ordinary decor is thrown out the window here, replaced by charismatic centrepieces, playful neon signs and unconventional contemporary artwork that fills the hotel’s downstairs lobby and lounge with a blend of Brit Pop culture meets creative landmark elements. Interiors, courtesy of Project Orange, pay tribute to British icons with the likes of London Eye fixtures, Big Ben rocket sculptures and tongue-in-cheek installations a-plenty. The result is, as my friend utters rather poetically as we wait at reception, “pretty vibey”.

One quick check-in and I’m handed the keys to the kingdom – AKA, nhow’s luxurious penthouse, found at the very end of an eccentrically theatrical corridor on the top 8th floor.

Inside, a heavy door pushes open to reveal the penthouse suite, where one could easily move in for a month. Segmented into different living areas by a large structural pillar, the vast abode features everything needed for a night (or ten) of luxury lounging. Modern and inviting, the space brims with nhow’s trademark green colour schemes, especially in the living room where a blanket of thick jade green carpet sits silkily under my feet as I explore.

Modern wicker-basket seating (which appear more like thrones than chairs) demand to be perched upon, as does the large pillow-clad sofa and six-person dining table positioned beneath a stunning hanging light fixture. There seems to be endless places to pull up a pew here – I also spot a desk with helpful paper and pen positioned by a window, should a guest feel like tearing their eyes away from the fascinating cityscape taking place outside to jot down their musings.

Moving on to the boudoir, which is separated from the other room by a thin curtain, guests can unwind further in the enormous marble-clad bathroom and contemporary bedroom, which are conjoined in a rather romantic fashion (fear not, there’s another handy curtain to draw across for friends and family).

The white and gold elements of the space conjure sophisticated grandeur, complemented by a beautiful floral mural painted by the large free-standing bathtub. When natural light floods the room it’s truly exquisite, completed by a gleaming golden sink, endless toiletries and patterned towels with forest green etchings. For those that prefer a faster pamper fix, the huge walk-in rainfall shower is perfect.

Of course, even in a hotel’s penthouse, the little details can make the most lasting of impressions. nhow has it covered, with the addition of a Nespresso machine, wide plasma TV, welcoming platter of snacks and fluffy, enveloping robes monogrammed with ‘King’ and ‘Queen’ detailing. It’s these tiny touches that conjure that coveted cozy feel of a home, not hotel. And after all, home is where the caffeine is.

The Food & Drink

With the main Bell & Whistle restaurant closed for the time being, meals are served downstairs in the ‘open house’ lobby and lounge, where a simple but well-executed menu of contemporary cuisine can be tried. Our pizzas with golden puddles of melted cheese slide straight down the hatch at dinnertime until the wooden boards are vacant. The slices are accompanied by chilled sips of white wine and tasty side dishes – the perfect casual combination.

Visit on certain weekdays for special offers, including ‘Wine Wednesday’ – where foodies can enjoy a free bottle of house wine when ordering a 2-course meal in the quirky British icon surroundings – God Sauv the Queen.

Breakfast (also served in the lounge area) is a bustling affair of buffet table after buffet table, each lined with continental and hot options. Grab a plate and head on safari for a pick of full English classics as well as healthier cereals, fresh fruit, yoghurt and pastries. For those with an extra large appetite, an additional menu of dishes can be ordered a la carte. And of course, if you’re partial to a lie in… robe-clad room service is always an option.

The Wordrobe Verdict

When it comes to price point, NHow is perfectly balanced with rooms starting from as little as £190 per night. The service is slick, the surrounds are sexy and if you feel like splashing out, the 8th floor penthouse is a slice of well-heeled serenity sitting in the sky. Plan your next urban adventure and say yes to the now at nhow London.

Make it happen
How: Find out more and make a booking via
Where: nhow London, Macclesfield road 2 EC1V 8DG London

Words by Sophie Ritchie, editor

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