Introducing The World’s First Shoppable Hotel Room With Hotel Indigo

Learn more about the fascinating stories behind Hotel Indigo’s boutique properties with the brand’s exciting new Shop the Neighbourhood experience

Have you ever checked into a hotel room, stared around in awe, and wished you could take the interiors home with you?

Maybe you loved the eccentric cushions. Perhaps it was the gorgeous wall art. Or was it something as simple as statement cutlery that caught your eye?

Thanks to Hotel Indigo, keen travelers can now enjoy the perks of a shoppable hotel room.

With an eclectic range of different styles and unique items to choose from, the new experience offers  design devotees the chance to buy direct from the very best artists and craftspeople from around the world.

The room itself is located at Hotel Indigo Lower East Side in New York City, in the impressive penthouse suite. 

This ‘shoppable’ room is filled with intriguing pieces created by artisans around the world – from incredible hat designs to stunning textiles.


Through these unique items, the space to inspire travelers to embrace their curious streak by exploring the stories of neighbourhoods they have yet to experience.

From Los Angeles and New York to Berlin and Dundee, Shop the Neighbourhood showcases the local neighbourhood stories that have inspired the distinctive character of six Hotel Indigo properties.


The best part? You won’t even need to pack a suitcase or stay overnight to seek out the range of products – you can find the room’s entire collection of items on social media and online.

Beautifully Bespoke Hotels

Rather than offering cookie cutter design, each of the brand’s 100 boutique hotels are entirely unique.

Every Hotel Indigo property absorbs the surrounding culture – bringing the essence of the surrounding neighbourhoods straight into the lobby and weaving their stories throughout.

Thus, the new shoppable experience aims to bring these stories to life even further and offer keen explorers a chance to learn more about their favourite destinations (and hang them on the wall too).

Here’s the artisan collection of what’s awaiting within the shoppable room:

Tick off the shopping list & meet the makers

1 Hotel Indigo Lower East Side, New York

The neighbourhood: Lower East Side New York
The neighbour: Lee Quinones, artist

For the stylish meets sublime Hotel Indigo Lower East Side, design lovers are invited to purchase pieces from Lee Quinones.

Considered the most influential artist to emerge from the NYC subway art movement, his famous paintings can be found in the likes of the Whitney Museum of Art, the Museum of the City New York and the Perez Art Museum Miami.


For this hotel, items pay homage to the artist that inspired the hotel’s statement decor,  where rooms have the feel of art galleries and the lobby is filled with an enormous ceiling mural.

Purchase limited edition prints, limited edition spray paint box kits and small, hand-painted “Tag” pieces for a taste of NYC’s glamorously gritty culture.

Find out more and purchase a piece here.

2 Hotel Indigo Los Angeles, California

The neighbourhood: Los Angeles
The neighbour:
Gladys Tamez

Love the LA lifestyle? Hotel Indigo Los Angeles’ rooms and suites embody the vibrant scenes from 20th century Los Angeles – and so famed Gladys Tamez’ hat designs make the perfect pairing item.

With a prime location in the rapidly-growing downtown historic core, just one mile from the jam-packed LA Live, this hotel is perfect a spot of edgy elegance.

Designer and Founder, Tamez was crowned by Forbes as one of the top 50 most creative Mexicans and built her company independently in just 7 years. Her fans include Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Madonna (to name a few).


She transitioned into hat-making after visiting a fourth generation milliner in Spain. Combined with her Mexican heritage, she was inspired to design her notorious, heirloom-worthy headpieces.

For Shop the Neighbourhood, stylish travelers are invited to explore Gladys’ “Wanderlust” hat collection.

The designs have been inspired by jet setters, luxury hotels and the timeless elegance of natural colours and materials.

To nab yourself a piece of stylish headwear and find out more, click here.

3 Hotel Indigo Berlin, Germany

The neighbourhood: Berlin
The neighbour:
Trabi Shop

Located in one of Europe’s coolest cities, Hotel Indigo Berlin was designed to reflect the city’s ever-evolving culture.

Located in the “Mitte” district in former East-Berlin, sitting in the shadow of the iconic TV Tower, it’s a central stay that’s perfect for explorers and culture vultures alike.

For the Shop the Neighbourhood experience, guests can pocket a miniature model of the cult Trabant car.


Fondly referred to as Trabi, the Trabant car has been produced without major changes for nearly 30 years. In fact, it’s most common automobile in all of East Germany.

Far more than just an engine, it came to symbolize the country during the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, as images of East Germans crossing the border into West Germany were broadcast around the globe.

When visiting Berlin, tourists often embark on Trabi Safaris, guided tours in authentic cars that roll through the city. Seeing Berlin by Trabi offers a unique perspective that feels deeply connected to the city’s history and thus, it’s art in itself. 

To find out more and purchase your own, click here.

4 Hotel Indigo Dundee, Scotland

The neighbourhood: Dundee
The neighbour: Hilary Grant

Housed in a former textile mill with a landmark bell tower, Hotel Indigo Dundee reflects its industrial heritage with bare-brick walls, hardwood timber floors and simple, pendant lighting.

For the shoppable room experience, guests can embrace their inner Scot by purchasing the “Seaward” Blanket, a piece inspired by seascape paintings of the late artist Sylvia Wishart.


The blanket was created with just three colours of yarn, and features a colour-blush effect with patchwork of varying hues and intensity.

The textile comes courtesy of Hilary Grant, known for their explorative, design-led approach to knitwear, algorithmic pattern, and intuitive sensibility towards colour.

Made of heirloom-quality and large enough for a King-Size bed, it’s perfect for a taste of the Highlands, no matter where you are in the world.

To find out more and make a purchase, click here

5 Hotel Indigo Venice Sant’Elena, Italy

The neighbourhood: Venice
The neighbour:
Bertrando Di Renzo

A converted 1930s monastery, Hotel Indigo Venice Sant’Elena is a peaceful hideaway in one of Italy’s busiest cities.

If you love wall art and history, you’ll love the Italian offering for Hotel Indigo’s shoppable experience.

Les Ottomans is a Venice-based, Moorish-inspired home design company, founded by cultural curator Bertrando Di Renzo.


Inspired by his deep passion and love for Turkey, this fascination is reflected in each fabric, texture, and tone.

Betrando blends East and West to create a sophisticated assortment of products, including pillows, towels, scarves, carpets and more.

For the Shop the Neighbourhood experience, guests can purchase their own duo of wall plates that depict key figures in the Ottoman Empire.

Find out more and make a purchase here.

6 Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road, Thailand

The neighbourhood: Bangkok
The neighbour:
Saladaeng Station

Nestled in Bangkok’s bustling heart, Hotel Indigo Bangkok Wireless Road combines vintage details with modern materials.

Designed to showcase its downtown neighbourhood’s juxtaposition of technology and tradition, it’s a beautiful modern stay – complete with infinity-edge swimming pool on the 24th floor.

Here, each guest room features a vintage radio among other items that capture the spirit of Bangkok’s early technological progress.

For the Shop the Neighbourhood experience, shoppers can now purchase a special Saladaeng Station radio.


Made with red stainless steel, this fitting tribute is a battery powered radio complete with Bluetooth, FM radio capabilities and AUX.

The piece pays homage to Bangkok as the birthplace of radio in Thailand, as well as Bangkok Wireless Road itself.

To find out more and make a purchase, please click here

Celebrating Success

The exciting new experience has been launched to celebrate more than 100 Hotel Indigo properties across the globe.

With the boutique sector currently placed as the second fastest growing in the hotel industry, Hotel Indigo’s unique locations offer guests a stay that’s not only trendy but memorable.


The brand shows no signs of slowing down, and will be continuing its expansion into 10 new countries.

With further hotels set to open in the likes of New Zealand, Peru, Japan and Australia, even more boutique stays are slated for many of the hottest travel destinations.


Jason Moskal, Vice President, Global Marketing, Hotel Indigo, told The Wordrobe: “We are excited to bring together the best of local design and for the first time ever, give consumers the chance to take a little piece of our incredible neighbourhoods home with them.

It’s been such an adventure working with the local artisans to bring this concept to life.”

To find out more about the launch or purchase an item, please click here.

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