Five Luxurious Travel Destinations to Cure Burnout

From the laidback cities of Oslo and Helsinki to the more vibrant Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Vienna, here are the five luxurious travel destinations to cure burnout

A holiday is the perfect time to disconnect from everyday life, let loose, and unwind. So, when choosing a destination, you need to go for a place that allows you to relax and recharge. Thankfully, the world is full of incredible spots that can help renew our minds and body while taking in some of the most breathtaking natural beauty and enjoying a bit of luxury. From the laidback cities of Oslo and Helsinki to the more vibrant Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Vienna, here are the five luxurious travel destinations to cure burnout.

From the laidback cities of Oslo and Helsinki to the more vibrant Amsterdam, Stockholm, and Vienna, here are the five luxurious travel destinations to cure burnout.

1 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam is one of those European cities with a complicated history. But beyond that, the city has a unique charm that lures travellers seeking to relax and unwind. It is home to picturesque canals lined with colourful gabled houses, offering the perfect spot to enjoy a relaxing stroll. And when the sun sets, red lights start flickering on, transforming the city into the Las Vegas of Europe.

Cycling is a top activity in Amsterdam. It’s an ideal way to explore the city and even venture into the countryside. To escape the crowds, cycle to the Vondelpark, a magnificent park featuring a vast green lawn with well-manicured gardens, beautiful fountains, and statues. In addition, the park has wide paths perfect for cycling and walking. 
Visiting museums is one of the best ways for art and history lovers to unwind. There are plenty of them around Amsterdam, but one that stands out is the Van Gogh Museum.

What’s great about this museum is that it’s small and compact, which you can explore in a few hours. It showcases a fantastic array of Van Gogh’s works of art, which follow the artist’s life, from his early drawings to his darkening paintings. 

2 Oslo, Norway

Oslo has numerous places to relax and spend quality time with your loved ones – a perfect way to cure burnout whilst soaking up lovely surroundings. Norway’s capital city is not short of outstanding beauty, set in a fairytale-like surrounding that looks beautiful regardless of the season. You’ll find gorgeous architectural gems and hidden historical wonders scattered around the city, making it a fun place to enjoy a relaxing walk.

Oslo has numerous museums to delight every history and art lover. If you enjoy learning about a city’s history, you should pop into the Natural History Museum, Norway’s largest natural history museum, featuring geology, climate, and zoology. The Viking Ship Museum is another place to visit for history lovers. It showcases well-preserved Viking ships and goods excavated from Viking tombs. The museum is a great place to understand the country’s Viking history. 

If you want to escape the city and visit somewhere quieter, away from the tourist crowds, venture into the Halden Canal. Stretching 80 km deep into forests and stunning cultural landscapes, it’s a fantastic place to explore on a bike. Follow the country roads connecting the galleries, farms, and cafes, and soak up the breathtaking scenery.

3 Helsinki, Finland

If you want to enjoy serenity on your next holiday, visit Helsinki. The city offers numerous places to calm your nerves and cure burnout. You can even seek silence in many areas in the city centre. It’s a vibrant European capital boasting innovative art, culture and architecture.

One of the most relaxing ways to tour Helsinki is on a guided sightseeing tour. The tour will cover the city’s highlights, from the Helsinki Cathedral to the Senate Square and Uspenski Cathedral. The guided tour offers a fascinating glimpse into the city’s major attractions, with the opportunity to discover the city’s long history. 

If you prefer to unwind in nature, visit the Kaisaniemi Botanic Garden or the Winter Garden. These year-round green oases feature a vast expanse of land with hundreds of different plant species, offering the perfect spots to sit quietly and soak up the stunning natural beauty.

Another incredible place to unwind in Helsinki is Taivaskallio, one of the city’s highest points. It overlooks the idyllic district of Puu-Käpylä and offers stunning city views from the top. The place is very serene that you can’t even hear the traffic despite being in the city. Be sure to bring a picnic blanket and a good book.  

4 Vienna, Austria

Vienna has always been one of Europe’s most famous tourist destinations, with rich history, striking architecture, and a vibrant art scene. You can spend your days strolling the city, admiring the architecture, and relaxing in its numerous spas and saunas. With its selection of luxurious hotels, it’s a great destination to unwind and cure burnout. 
Visiting the impressive Vienna State Opera will surely relax you, especially if you watch one of the shows. The 1,709-seat opera house features Renaissance architecture, with a majestic facade and splendid interiors.

If you love good food and want to soak in the Viennese gastronomic scene, have breakfast or brunch in one of the city’s top cafes. Dubbed the “coffee house capital of the world,” you will find endless cafes to enjoy delectable pastries and a good cup of coffee.

Strolling down the scenic neighbourhood of Graben is very relaxing. Although it’s a famous spot for shopping, home to luxury boutiques and shops, it’s also a fantastic place to stroll and people-watch.

5 Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is one of the Nordic’s most visited cities. Sweden’s capital city is rich in history and dotted with historical treasures you can best explore on foot. The best place to start exploring is in the Gamla Stan neighbourhood. Wander around its narrow, cobblestone streets and check out the buildings dating back to the 13th century, including the Stockholm Cathedral.

Stop by the Stortorget town square, grab a seat at one of the cafes, and enjoy people-watching or admiring the Storkyrkan clock tower dominating the city. You should also check the Nobel Prize Museum, where you’ll find fascinating works of Nobel Prize laureates.

No visit to Stockholm is complete without seeing the Royal Palace, the monarch’s official residence. It’s in the Old Town and features a fascinating facade, an extraordinary example of Swedish architecture.

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