Aggi Sverrisson’s Blood Orange With Coconut Sorbet

Aggi Sverrisson's Blood Orange With Coconut Sorbet

Icelandic chef Aggi Sverrisson serves up a refreshing blood orange with a moreish coconut sorbet

For the fresh blood orange:
• 4 blood oranges
• 1 kaffir lime leaf

For the juice:
• 8 blood oranges
• 40g sugar
• 1 kaffir lime leaf

For the blood orange granita:
• 400g blood orange juice
• 55g sugar
• 10ml chardonnay vinegar

For the coconut sorbet:
• 50ml coconut water
• 50ml coconut milk
• 25g glucose
• 1 kaffir lime leaf bruised
• 1 lemongrass bruised/chopped

To serve:
• Mint leaves
• Lemongrass

For the fresh blood orange:
1 Segment 4 oranges by carefully slicing off the top and bottom of the orange, use downward strokes to slice the skin away from the flesh, remove any more white pith and cut between the membranes to segment the orange.
2 Chop the kaffir lime leaf as finely as possible.
3 Season the orange segments with a little sugar to take away bitterness, then add the chopped kaffir lime leaf and mix.
4 Set these to one side whilst you complete the other components

For the juice:
1 Juice 8 oranges and stir in 40g of sugar.
2 Finely chop another kaffir lime leaf and add to the juice. Add more sugar to taste.
3 Set to one side.

For blood orange granita
1 Mix together 55g of sugar and 400g of blood orange juice.
2 Flavour with 10ml (roughly 2tsp) of chardonnay vinegar (best quality white wine vinegar). Again, add more sugar to taste.
3 Strain the liquid, pour into a tray, and freeze.
4 Once frozen, remove the tray from the freezer and start to scrape along the top of it with a fork. You should get a soft icy mass.
5 The granita can go back into the freezer until you are ready to serve it.

For the coconut sorbet:
1 Bring 50ml coconut water, 50ml coconut milk, 25g glucose, the kaffir lime leaf and the lemongrass stick to the boil and cook for 2 minutes, then season with lime juice to taste.
2 Churn according to your ice cream machine instructions and freeze.
3 When you are ready to serve, take 8-10 blood orange segments and place in the center of a bowl.
4 Add 100ml of the fresh blood orange juice and a scoop of sorbet. Finish by topping with blood orange granita, thinly sliced fresh lemongrass and mint leaves.

Recipe courtesy of Aggi Sverrisson, Head Chef of  Michelin-starred Texture

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