Zuma’s Almond & Rhubarb Tart


Chef Ben Orpwood shares the secrets to this luscious spring dessert

For the almond cream:
• 400g almond powder 
• 400g icing sugar
• 4 medium eggs
• 200g butter

1 Soft the butter and icing sugar
2 Add slowly the eggs
3 Fold almond powder on mix
4 Pip on top of rhubarb strawberry cooked
5 Cook 180C 20min

For the rhubarb and straw mix:
• 500g rhubarb
• 500g strawberry
• 150g sugar
• 100g rhubarb syrup
• 25g sugar
• 10g agar agar

1 Mix rhubarb and strawberry sliced
2 Add sugar (1)
3 Boil rhubarb syrup then add sugar(2) and agaragar
4 Fold a syrup in mix
5 Portion 700 grs per tray
6 Cook 180C 9 min

For the shortbread:
• 140g sugar
• 140g kokuto sugar
• 300g butter
• 120g yolks
• 8g salt
• 140g ground almonds
• 200g gluten-free flour
• 200g rice flour
• 50g glutinous flour
• 15g baking powder 

1 Cream sugars and butter.
2 Add yolks and salt.
3 Finally fold in powders.
4 Roll and rest. 330g per half baking paper sheet.
5 Cut.Cook 165c, 5%/8 mins/3 fan

For the pistachio meringue:
• 200g sugar
• 150g egg whites
• 45g pistachio

1 Whip egg whites
2 Add sugar
3 Pip on silpate
4 Add pistachio on top
5 Dry in oven at 90C fan 2 0% humidity till dry

For the Nigori Sake and rice ice cream:
• 2000g milk
• 400g Minori rice
• 2000g milk
• 200g sugar
• 80g honey
• 200g sake

1 Cook minori rice with milk(1)
2 Leave infuse over night
3 Warm milk(2) and honey
4 When 40C add sugar
5 Cook till 80 C
6 Cool down. Add sake and 1.3kg of rice mix

For the rhubarb syrup:
• 500g sugar
• 500ml water
1000g rhubarb sliced

1 Boil water and sugar
2 Wash and cut in diamant a rhubarb
3 Vacuum rhubarb and syrup together

Recipe courtesy of Zuma London


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