Where To Find Brighton’s Best Coffee Shops


Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or simply looking for something more unique than the usual Starbucks experience, The Wordrobe spills the beans on the best Brighton coffee shops to drink your way around

The Flour Pot Bakery


Opened by former chef Oli Hyde back in 2014, The Flour Pot’s flagship shop on Sydney Street is ideal for an artisanal sip. Open seven days a week, sit back, soak up the friendly atmosphere and enjoy delicious Caravan roasted coffee.

This chic spot offers a selection of freshly baked goodies too – from croissants to flourless cakes. There’s even a ‘Donut Friday’ for those with a penchant for all things naughty to celebrate the end of the week.



Moksha is a vibrant and buzzy cafe that takes its coffee seriously. They roast their own distinctively rich coffee locally in nearby Littlehampton, and only serve it with organic milk. With plenty of simple wooden seating, deliciously fresh food and fun wall art, it’s ideal for a weekend pit stop with friends.

A Hindu name that means release and liberation, it’s also unsurprising that ethically-minded Moksha prides itself on only using free-range meat and eggs in all of their dishes too.

Red Roaster


One of Brighton’s most famous caffeinated haunts, this cool coffee house takes its name from the stark red coffee roaster which was originally installed back in 2001.

The vast menu features everything from cappuccino classics to more unique iced alternatives, and the airy somewhat ethereal space makes it the perfect place for a chilled out ‘out of office’ working hub.

Bond St Coffee


For a cup of coffee with a gourmet edge, head over to Bond St. Coffee. Popular with local coffee savants, this bustling hotspot offers large roomy sofas along with fun seating spots (ever drank your latte on an up cycled bus seat before?).

All of their ethically sourced coffee beans are roasted locally near Handcross, West Sussex with a range of unique flavours made with an Aeropress/V60 Brewer on offer too.

Small Batch Coffee


Although Small Batch Coffee is a chain-style joint, don’t expect the usual bland cookie cutter experience – we’ve got a ‘latte’ time for these guys. With four to choose from in Brighton alone, the spot on Dyke Road’s a weekday winner with its calming decor and freshly ground fair trade coffee that’s guaranteed to wake you up in the morning.


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