Wellness Watch: The Lanesborough Launches New Urban Retreat Programme

Designed to bring the mind and body back into a state of balance, prestigious London sanctuary The Lanesborough Club & Spa has announced an exciting urban retreat programme by Bodhimaya, the award-winning wellness retreat specialists

If you’re a wellness worshipper, you’re in for a treat. The Lanesborough Club & Spa has introduced a brand-new urban retreat programme by Bodhimaya, the award-winning wellness retreat specialists, available exclusively at the Club & Spa from June onwards.

Ideally suited to anyone feeling burnt-out or juggling a hectic lifestyle, Bodhimaya Founder, Cornelius O’Shaughnessy  – an experienced meditation, stress management and Eastern philosophy expert – and his team of wellbeing experts will offer one-to-one day and overnight retreats focusing on physical and emotional wellbeing.

After so many months of stressful lockdown endurance, the new experiences have been cultivated to provide both rejuvenation and relaxation. Available to both Lanesborough Club & Spa members and non-members, packages will include ‘Restorative Retreats’ and ‘Meditation & Nutrition’ programmes ranging from one to two days, that have each been designed to bring the mind and body back into a state of balance through mind and meditation consultations with Cornelius himself; private consultations with Bodhimaya nutritional expert, Olga Hamilton; and complementary private yoga sessions, Personal Training and expertly delivered spa treatments.

Established in 2012, Bodhimaya offers bespoke retreats which combine the best in highly personalised nutrition, effective movement, authentic meditation and exploratory spiritual teachings.  This dedicated 360° approach to health, which integrates everything from the latest in genetic testing to emotional awareness and mindfulness, is regarded as pioneering and has positioned Bodhimaya as a world leader.

It’s Bodhimaya’s depth of expertise at every level that makes them so special; retreats seamlessly intertwine Eastern philosophical teachings with an unparalleled level of comfort, emotional support and insightful know-how of the biological, mental and spiritual.

Exclusive Bodhimaya Packages

Day Retreats:

  • A New Beginning – this short and intensive programme will help guests to reset, relax and gives Bodhimaya’s experts the time to create a comprehensive mind and body programme which can be followed at home (pricing from £593 per person)
  • Mind & Relaxation – these retreats are an effective way to elevate stress and tension in a very short amount of time.  Special techniques are applied to mind and body to release tension and find peace of mind, complemented by a 100% organic Tata Harper spa treatment (pricing from £838 per person)

Residential Overnight Retreats:

  • Mind & Emotional Wellbeing – this residential retreat programme focuses on alleviating stress, deep relaxation and gaining insight into the client’s life, in order to shift perspective and approach life in a healthier way.  The programme is complemented by two indulgent, relaxing spa treatments (pricing from £1,746 per person including overnight stay, all meals and spa travel kit in-room amenity)
  • Comprehensive Top to Toe Wellness – this overnight package encourages rest and revitalisation, while the guest receives a top-to-toe residential wellness evaluation which allows Bodhimaya experts to create a personalised mind and body programme to be followed at home.  Included is the signature Bodhimaya 360° Biomarker Testing Suite & Evaluation, in addition to private one-to-one consultations with Cornelius, Olga and The Lanesborough Club & Spa’s personal training team (pricing from £2,741 per person including overnight stay, all meals and spa travel kit in-room amenity)
  • Fitness, Yoga, Pilates – this movement-focused retreat incorporates a healthy balance of rest, relaxation, movement and, above all, obtaining knowledge.  Bodhimaya experts will assess the body’s specific needs, to provide insight into each client’s body type and create an ongoing fitness, movement and nutrition programme to be continued at home.  The programme includes four private fitness, nutrition and mindfulness consultations (pricing from £2,791 per person including overnight stay, all meals and spa travel kit in-room amenity)

For more information and to make a booking, visit www.lanesboroughclubandspa.com

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