Wellness Watch: RE PLACE, Notting Hill

Both calming and uplifting, RE PLACE’s revolutionary lymphatic drainage experience is perfect for a fast and faff-free recovery session. Editor Sophie Ritchie heads to the newly-opened Notting Hill studio to share more

Summer. It’s a season of rooftop bars, hotter than lava workouts, avoiding the tube and of course, frozen margaritas. And for many, it’s also a time of seriously unwanted swelling.

An uncomfortable side effect that affects many of us when the temperatures rise, lower leg and foot swelling is most often the result of an abnormal fluid buildup, known in the medical world as edema. Because fluid flows downhill, it pools in the lowest parts of your body – which can result in puffy ankles or bulgy legs after a day at the desk or on your feet.

Of course, simple tips like staying hydrated and avoiding harsh sunburn all go a long way in the fight against The Cankle. But for something truly effective, lymphatic drainage makes an excellent solution for feeling lighter and more energised.

Luckily for me, RE PLACE in Notting Hill has just opened its rather swish Westbourne Grove doors. A brand new body recovery and lymphatic drainage studio that’s proved a hit in LA and New York, this contemporary concept is perfect for a speedy de-puffing session thanks to its state-of-the-art Body Roller machines.

Offering clients a therapist-free session through the clever self-guided rollers, RE PLACE blends science with lymphatic drainage massage techniques to deliver a full body recovery experience – whether you’re a training for a marathon, regularly hitting the gym or simply looking to help your body feel both lighter and less inflamed. Fresh from a day at Balance Festival in Shoreditch, I brave the Central Line and try it for myself.

The Space

Airy and calm, RE PLACE is split across two trendy levels. The downstairs recovery area is tucked away from public view and shielded with a curtain, whilst back up on the ground floor, guests can make the most of a coffee and juice bar offering visitors and passersby a selection of nourishing snacks and protein shakes.

Minimalistic decor adds to RE PLACE’s contemporary atmosphere without feeling overly clinical, with the main focus on the Body Roller machines which sit in the space like futuristic centrepieces (along with an egg-shaped Somadome, the world’s first technology-enabled meditation pod). 

What is Lymphatic Drainage?

Lymphatic drainage massage involves gently manipulating specific areas of the body to help lymph transfer to an area within working blood vessels. It’s designed to relieve swelling, flush out toxins and help the body maintain blood circulation. In other words, it encourages natural drainage of the lymph and is ideal for anyone wanting to recover faster or reduce swelling.

The Treatment

A high end alternative to traditional foam rolling and traditional lymphatic drainage massage, the Body Roller machines offer a fuss-free and simple recovery session that doesn’t involve awkwardly lying down in towels for 90 minutes.

Each session lasts for 45 minutes and targets the entire body through a straight forward, self-explanatory image tutorial that helps direct users as to which body part to use and how, ranging from the outer thighs and back to arms and buttocks.

Pain-free, the machines feature a large cylinder surrounded by wavy wooden bars, which quickly rotate. Fully adaptable to your personal needs, you can change the speed depending on how fast or slow you want the bars to spin as you lean into the device in different poses, which puts pressure on your muscles to help loosen up the fascia, or connective tissue.

The roller also features an infrared light, which adds a dose of heat to the experience and naturally gradually increases the longer the machine rotates. Just like the speed, this can also be turned off depending on individual preference.

With the four machines positioned side by side (along with a demo version down the hall) RE PLACE is ideal for recovery sessions with friends whilst you help your body loosen up through the cycles – but for those seeking a tad more privacy, individual curtains can be pulled around each of the separate Body Rollers too.

The Wordrobe Verdict

Both calming and uplifting, RE PLACE’s revolutionary lymphatic drainage experience is perfect for a fast and faff-free recovery session whether you’re an athlete or simply tired of summer-induced swelling. The space is beautiful, the machines are easy to navigate and the team will have you feeling settled and ready to roll in no time. Move over masseuses, there’s a new wellness sheriff in town.

Make it happen
Where: Re Place, 196 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RH
Wallet: First visit prices start from £40.00, regular 45-minute sessions start from £80.00.
How: Find out more and make a booking via replacelondon.com

Words by Sophie Ritchie, editor

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