Top 2017 Travel Moments: Part Two


Bonjour – as 2017 draws ever closer to a finish, here’s the next instalment of my 17 favourite travel moments from this year.

 For those of you that aren’t aware, I work for a luxury travel and food magazine. And it takes me to some very cool places – where I usually end up either getting into a spot of bother or a bewildering adventure. I love every second. 

There have been so many extraordinary days, especially recently, so it’s hard to choose. But here are my next narrowed down highlights… 

Falling backwards off a pier in the Maldives 


Recently, I was visiting the Maldives for a work trip. One morning, I accidentally fell backwards off a wooden pier during a day of atrocious currents, landing in shallow water with a heavy bike falling right after me.

After I made my way to the surface, I was stuck in the heavy current and someone had to jump in to save me. Mainly because I was clinging on to my beach bag and refusing to surrender its contents to the ocean. Not quite the morning swim I had in mind!

Less painful than it sounds, read about the full adventure HERE. 


Interviewing Nobu in Marbella



What does one do in Marbella, other than tan and talk? Well, I interviewed Nobu, the Japanese legend. This was one of my first big interviews, and I was far more nervous than I am nowadays. We ended up sharing a steak and chatting for almost half an hour. Simply amazing. You can read the full thing here.


Going river rafting in the French alps


I was fortunate enough to have the amazing experience of going river rafting in the French alps of Vanoise last summer. It was wild, wet and quite wonderful.

A group of nine of us, all clinging to one raft. We passed at least three others that had capsized on our way through, but not us! We kept going, thanks to the help of our rather aggressive French leader – who shouted instructions at us as if he’d been a captain in a previous life.

Halfway through, we had the chance to jump in (we were clad in wetsuits) and swim down one of the sections. When I say swim, I mean float with your feet in front of you, whilst trying not to inhale all of the river as it carried you across. Being the sane girl I am, of course I gave it a go.

Our raft was waiting at the end, but we were told to carry on for a few metres more and grab on to a paddle where another team leader would be waiting for us, as the current would be too strong to reach the raft.

When I saw our raft floating at the bank, I didn’t even think. I swam straight to it, not wanting to leave my safety up to a stranger and a wooden paddle. Even our uptight leader was a little bit impressed. I never thought that I wouldn’t be strong enough – I just saw ‘home’ and made a beeline. Such a fun afternoon!


Drinking Dead Rabbit style in Dublin


How often can you say that you’ve quenched your thirst with drinks from the team behind the World’s Best Bar? Whilst in Dublin, I was treated to an amazing night of cocktails served during the iconic New York bar’s residency in The Westbury Hotel.


With comic book menus and a giant, muscle-ripped rabbit wandering around with a baton, it was a night I won’t forget in a hurry – for the parts that I remember, anyway!


Sailing around the Canary Islands on a private catamaran for my birthday

I can honestly say that I felt like a princess on my 25th birthday. I woke up in the middle of Fuerteventura, the second largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, in the palatial settings on a five-star hotel.

I had been staying there for work with my best mate and we’d been having a blast. Nothing really could top it – I felt spoiled already. So I wandered down to breakfast, sipped coffee and then discovered the hotel had treated me to my own private boat for the day. I think I left my jaw on the floor.

White wine on tap, house music on, and four hours of sailing and snorkelling – it was simply incredible. To share the moment with my best friend was even better – I’ve never felt more spoiled. I really felt the universe had my back on that day!

That’s it for now – keep your eyes peeled for my travel tribulations coming very shortly. In the meantime, I’m off to dash to the pub to meet some old mates.

Sophie x 

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