Today’s Listening: Good Side In, The Japanese House

Between dashing around London, writing up a storm and packing like a dervish, my week’s been pretty busy so far. Listening to this chilled out track today to keep things ticking along…

There is one word for songs like Good Side In. Soothing. I love the gentleness of this track. I’ve either been hunched over my desk writing (but hey, all my reviews are now finished) or running around the city this week, but it’s all good. Hard work pays off and music like this keeps me motivated!

Things are a-happening – and I’m finally off to Verbier tomorrow too. I can’t wait for a few days of nothing but snow, spa and skiing. And maybe just a little work in-between.

If you’re on a mad one too, give this song a listen. Take a break and just open your ears instead…


Enjoy! Now I’m back to hunting down my ski trousers.

Sophie x

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