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Today’s track from Nova Rockafeller is all about defying the odds – and doing it with a splash of style. 

I didn’t expect to find myself wandering through the Sussex countryside with a giant pineapple in my handbag this morning, but life surprises you sometimes. I forgot my keys before the gym and arrived back to an empty house with a pineapple for breakfast and a looming to-do list.

Life’s about handling things, so I took my pineapple and went for a walk instead whilst I waited for someone to return. There’s still a few thousand things I need to finish this weekend, a bag I need to pack, items to sell on Ebay and I’m off on another trip tonight – but I’m learning to take things in my stride.

This song, Made in Gold, is all about that – coming back from the dead and kicking some ass. Give it a listen!

Sophie x

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