This Is How Lottery Winners Really Live

Dreaming of the A-list jet set lifestyle? It might surprise you to find out what it is really like to live and think like a lottery winner

What do you think about when you consider a lottery winner? Most of us think of the money to spend, fantastic adventures, beautiful clothes, and the best of everything. But, it might surprise you to find out what it is really like to live like a lottery winner.

Yes, the things we listed are part of the experience, but there are some studies that show a lottery winner is much deeper than that. They have a different mindset than someone who may have been born into wealth. In this article, we will share a few of these differences with you. We can all live in the same world but have completely different views of that world.

So, you can know what it is really like to live like a lottery winner. Many of the ideas in this article are based on the opinions of Author Steve Sebold, who wrote the book “How Rich People Think.” Sebold spent 26 years digging into the minds of some of the wealthiest people in the world. 

Basic Assumption

Most of us, or at least those who don’t have millions, believe money is the key to everything. When we see a handsome, well-dressed man who is with a frumpy woman, it is sad to say, most of us think she must have money. We could be wrong. They could be madly in love, but they do not look the part. We have grown cynical with each other. If something looks odd to us, we assume it is odd. 

When we see a couple step out of a luxury car wearing the latest designs, we tend to think they have plenty of money. After all, doesn’t money equal happiness? Before we go further, we know everyone is not that shallow. We are speaking in generalities. So, let’s kick this up a bit and see what Sebold discovered about real lottery winners. 

The Reality

  1. Rich people believe they have a right to be rich. People tend to believe becoming wealthy is a privilege. They know on a mental level that money doesn’t solve all problems. But, it does make people happy. It makes life easier.
  2. Wealthy people think that owning a business is the fastest way to make money. Average people think there is a lot of risk in working for yourself. The truth lies somewhere in the middle. A person who owns their business can pursue business and go after clients and lay their own groundwork. An average person may settle for a paycheck. But the real risk is not having the faith to believe in yourself. 
  3. Lotto winners think they are more savvy, while average people think all rich people are smart. There is a difference between being savvy and being smart. If being smart was enough to make you a millionaire, every class valedictorian will be rolling in cash. Savvy people are shrewd. They have “street smarts” and good instincts. An average person would love to get inside the head of the rich person to see how they tick. 
  4. Lotto winners assume the right to be selfish. They do not feel the need to share their wealth, contribute to the cause, or to go down in history. They believe they have a right to be happy and assume that position.
  5. Lotto winners dare to dream. When we are in a position that requires us to strive every day to make a living, we limit our dreams. When we open our minds to living like a lottery winner, there are no limits to our ambitions.
  6. Rich people believe it takes a team to get and maintain wealth. An average person believes it is every man for himself. It has been proven that two minds are better than one.
  7. Lotto winners feel money is liberating which opens windows of opportunity. Average people see money as a limited resource. Instead of looking at their winnings as a means to an end, look at it as a short-term project.
  8. Lotto winners are healthier. It costs money to eat the right foods, get the right medical attention, and use state-of-the-art workout equipment there is. 

Is It Your Turn For The Rich List Next?

If you want to live like a lotto winner, you can. There is nothing stopping you except you. Take a mental inventory and determine what thought processes you need to change. You might need to speak to a financial advisor, banker, and attorney to protect your money. It is all about designing the road you want to walk and taking the first step. Then, you can truly begin to live your dream.

On your journey, do not look for the position that has the fattest bottom line. You are a lotto winner. Follow your convictions. Go after your cause. When you really put yourself into your passion. You really are rich, and you really are a winner. 

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