The Unusual Office Playlist

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Forget the usual piano soundtracks – here’s five of my favourite tracks to focus to.

My brain often feels like a lightbulb when I’ve been tired or jet lagged. Nothing for a few days, a little dim, and then bham – all glow. Today was the first day I really felt like myself since getting back – all systems go!


I never really struggle to stay motivated, but when I’m working hard I like listening to music or some kind of podcast in the background. It helps me (as lame as it sounds) to get in the creative zone. But it’s not piano fortes I’m putting on the playlist – it’s beats, beats and more beats.

Here’s five of my top tracks at the moment:

1 Daft Punk, Da Funk
2 Drake, Passionfruit
3 Masters in France, Flexin
4 Taylor Swift, …Ready For It?
5 A Bit Patchy, Sammy Porter

Hope you like,

Sophie x

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