Hotel Review: The Laslett, Notting Hill 


If you’re looking for a West London hotel that brims with ambience, art and ample edible opportunities, it’s time to discover The Laslett in Notting Hill, says editor Sophie Ritchie

Situated in the heart of Notting Hill, just a stride away from the high street’s tube station, a night at The Laslett is like staying at someone’s incredibly arty, stylish townhouse.

I haul my overnight bag over the entrance (packing light never has been a strong point) and find myself welcomed like I’ve already been for chatty coffees with all of the team. Featuring 51 guest rooms and suites spread across five Grade II listed Victorian townhouses, this chic hideaway is perfect for fans of both art and ambience – it even takes its name from Rhaune Laslett, the original organiser of the Notting Hill Festival.

The Room

A speedy check-in and one quick room key swipe reveals a large suite with an apartment style feel, complete with high ceilings suited for a giant. 

Walls are of a subtle signature grey with an overall muted colour scheme, although pops of red and dark mauve are cleverly woven in to bring warmth to the space. It’s the kind of room you need to drink in for a minute before dropping your belongings – beautifully presented from tip to toe. 

It’s comfortable and cool all at the same time – I want to pack up the luxurious furnishings and style my own apartment in the same way as soon as I put down the electronic key. As well as the large bed, huge curtains that trail down the floor and windows that nosily peer out into the street below, fun decor comes in the form of an assortment of various drawings and artwork that hang above bed like a centrepiece – including former cogs turned wall art. There’s no doubt about it – this is a hotel for the creatives. 

The large closets are ideal for anyone spending a few days in the area, with space for several seasons of clothes as well as a ‘Big Bar’ tucked away in the far corner, which opens to reveal a well-stocked array of expensive nibbles – where even the water will cost you. £3.00 for a pack of gum? All I can say is, your breath must be seriously bad if you’re considering. 

Regardless of the debt-inducing snacks, the details are all here. A coffee machine calls seductively from the closet, with a helpful note to call down for milk or the real caffeinated  deal in the morning for those that prefer. Slippers, soft grey robes and even a complimentary striped bag of sweets – TLC here I come. 

The sleek bathroom features a shower that doubles up as a bath, whilst full-sized bottles of REN toiletries are ideal for some pre-dinner pampering. The chessboard-like marble square flooring and grey meets white brick walls create a soft space where one could easily linger for hours. 

A charming chameleon, it’s not all play at The Laslett. The large grey desk complete with Marshall radio provides the ideal opportunity for answering emails or getting some work done. This hotel can suit a leisure guest looking to explore London but it’s also prepped for the business traveler too – an eavesdropped conversation at breakfast confirms that working guests love it just as much as those trundling large suitcases over the entrance. 

The Food & Drink

The details are designed to be devoured at The Laslett. It’s undeniably hip, like a friend that drips in designer clothing so subtly you’d never notice the tags. I visit on a Wednesday, which means it’s also Oyster Night – a jam-packed evening that showcases how the local community are big fans of this townhouse stay too. 

The spaces outside on the heated terrace are all taken by 7pm, so we sit in the snug indoor Henderson Bar & Kitchen restaurant instead. My brother (an avid oyster aficionado) takes the Irish shellfish for a spin whereas I (the veggie) sip my way through the heady cocktail list instead. It’s practically teamwork. 

We also enjoy the simple meets succulent ‘Supper’ offering – where well-portioned small and large plates include the likes of Baked Aubergine, Burrata (both dairy-licious and vegan versions available) and Pappardelle Pasta.

I notice the General Manager gets throughly stuck in throughout, leading his staff like a captain holding plates, cups and saucers. Unlike some central hotels, there’s not an ounce of snobbiness within these walls – it really does feel like you’re having dinner at someone’s exceptionally chic house thanks to the kind nature of everyone you encounter. 

The Wordrobe Verdict 

With a location worth lusting after, a night at The Laslett is like staying at someone’s creatively cool townhouse. If you’re looking for a West London hotel that brims with ambience, art and ample edible opportunities, this Notting Hill hotspot will not only impress, it’ll leave you delving into the diary for a speedy return. 

Make it happen
Where: 8 Pembridge Gardens, London W2 4DU
How: Find out more by visiting or phoning +44 (0)20 7792 6688. 

Words by Sophie Ritchie, editor

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