The best craving cures

We’ve all been there. Maybe it’s an 11pm moment of weakness just before bed, or perhaps a post-work frenzy to find the nearest sugar                                                fix. When cravings hit, they hit hard – and can often hinder our healthy eating efforts.

img_1256But no need to panic – there are plenty of alternatives to try when you feel like inhaling half of the fridge.

Firstly, stay prepared. Keep snacks in your bag – like fresh fruit, bagged veggies and small but sustainable snack bars. Do this and you’ll avoid temptation. If you have to eat on the move, choose lighter options such as sushi or soup.

Plus, leaving too much time inbetween meals as this could lead to a binge and listen to your body. If it needs a certain food, have a little bit.

But most importantly, opt for the right choices – here are three of my favourite snacks to reach for when cravings strike. 


1 Almond butter & rye toast

Warm, sweet and utterly satisfying. Pop two slices of rye or sunflower bread in the toaster, grab a jar of almond butter and slice two apples. It’s fast, filling and still ulta-nutritious.

2 Total 0% fat free yogurt with honey

This is the BEST combination if you have a sweet tooth. Total’s 0% yogurt with honey is amazingly creamy, yet the sweetness of the swirled honey is ideal for a tasty flavour that satisfies. It’s high in protein too, to help keep you full.

3 Crabsticks & carrots

If you’re in the mood to mindlessly munch, crack open a bag of mini carrot batons and crab sticks. Not only l0w fat, they’re filling and fresh. Ideal for study snacks too!

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