Sun-Kissed Fruits

What’s better than an endless supply of mango? An endless supply of mango in the middle of a tropical island, of course. My print feature on Nevis’ annual mango festival is out now!

This was one of my favourite trips of 2017 and it gives me ENORMOUS pleasure (and pride) to share my published triple page magazine feature with you all.

In case you didn’t know, Nevis is a stunning island in the middle of the Caribbean. It’s home to monkeys, mountains and of course, mango – and I experienced all three during my adventure for Good Things magazine.

Full feature below!

winter sun nevis-2

winter sun nevis-2

PLUS: Keep scrolling to see a few photos from my stay.

I’ll never forget climbing the slippery mountain (and passing out on a ledge halfway up, not that it stopped me) or watching a turtle give birth on the beach at midnight. Or arguing with the manager of Nevis’ tiny airport to reclaim my business class upgrade.

Which I succeeded in, by the way – but not after standing my ground for half an hour in a cowboy hat.


Hope you like,

Sophie x 

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