Wellness Watch: Grey Wolfe, Barnes

If you’re looking to recharge, reset and reconnect with your holistic side, then book a treatment at Grey Wolfe in Barnes for some spiritual spa time. Always raring for rejuvenation, Editor Sophie Ritchie shares more

Positioned along a bustling Barnes street in leafy South West London, Grey Wolfe is no spa sheep in wolf’s clothing. It’s a well-poised pioneering hub of holistic treatments and beauty pampering opportunities – and more importantly, a space designed for its visitors to find inner peace through a carefully-curated method designed and developed by founders and wellbeing experts Sarah Jones and Sinéad Johnson. And after all, there isn’t a soul in London that doesn’t need a deep spiritual cleanse after the last two years. 

Both already owners of separate successful beauty businesses, the duo’s Grey Wolfe approach aims to bring much more to the (massage) table than just a few kneaded shoulder knots and shiny facials. This is a 360° immersive wellness experience designed to dig below the body’s surface and help clients heal their ailments from within. 

As I approach the spa from the street outside (a little frazzled from the train commute) Grey Wolfe looks much the same as its glossy suburban neighbours, with gleaming glass windows and a muted grey exterior. But when I step over the locked threshold, it feels like I’ve entered an otherworldly kind of space thanks to the quiet atmosphere, the welcoming therapist and the sudden flooding of natural light that fills the room and brings everything from the contemporary wooden walls and circular mirrors to life.

An offer of a glass of water at the Natural Remedy Bar and one quick consultation form to fill out later, and I’m led through the ambient grey-hued space to one of two luxe-looking treatment rooms. One is designated for beauty procedures like waxing and the other is where the Grey Wolfe method magic takes place, with cupboards set aside for personal possessions and an in-room shower. There’s also another duo of rooms downstairs (which can be opened up to make an exclusive couples’ treatment space). 

The Grey Wolfe Method Treatment 

So, what is the Grey Wolfe method – and what sets it apart from the typical spa experience? The process is based on the ‘sacred art of healing’ – and aims to mend both body and spirit at the same time, restoring balance after the hectic stress of everyday life. 

Through treatments such as ‘Touch Therapy’ and an ‘Energy Healing Facial,’ it focuses on how a client wants to feel, whether that be relaxed, energised or uplifted – and this is achieved through a number of holistic techniques, or ‘elements’. 

No treatment is quite the cookie cutter same, as the therapist will assign a handful of elements based on your individual aims and how you want to feel when you drift away from the salon. These range from chakra balancing and mindful meditation to a smudging ceremony, crystals and energy flows. Essentially, it’s a unique holistic toolkit that can be utilised to help heal each individual.  

After getting ready and lying down on the massage table, my own Grey Wolfe method treatment begins with a deep breathing exercise, which helps to calm my ever-active brain (and nerves) before the waft of the smudging ceremony hits my nostrils – an ancient purification ritual originally practiced by Native Americans to metaphorically renew the body. 

The team aim to treat your body in response to the answers on your questionnaire (which is usually completed pre-visit) and so the full body massage reflects this – my own treatment focuses especially on my tight calf muscles and shoulders from regular running  – but it’s a lot less like a deep tissue massage and feels far more like my body is simply being invited to relax through the gentle touch movements and lemongrass-scented oil. 

After 10 minutes of initial inner thinking, my busy brain eventually starts to switch off in the low lit room and I simply let the method work its magic (which includes some dreamy scalp massage pampering) until the therapist calmly tells me our session is complete and that “the space is mine for a while”. 

Post-treatment (and warm pot of hibiscus tea), I leave the ethereal space almost a little giddy – as if an invisible weight has been kneaded out, my tired legs given a new burst of movement after clocking up the kms on my runs all week. Recharged and ready for the afternoon ahead, Grey Wolfe feels like a space that’s perfect for pressing reset and reconnecting with your holistic side. One thing’s for sure – ‘body balance’ has never felt so luxurious. 

Make it happen
Where: 71 White Hart Ln, London SW13 0PP
Wallet: Grey Wolfe method treatments start from £180 for 60 minutes.
How: Find out more and make a booking via greywolfe.co.uk or phone 020 3606 0049

Words by Sophie Ritchie, editor

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