Soho House Announces New Wellness Partnership with Human Performance Expert Dr. Craig Koniver

The new partnership will see innovative wellness technology rolled out across Soho House’s Soho Health Clubs, beginning with London’s Shoreditch House this summer

Aiming to deliver much more than just a quick pamper fix, Koniver Wellness and Soho House have announced an exciting new partnership offering unrivalled wellness technology and services at all Soho House Health Clubs.

Available now at Shoreditch House, with further locations to follow shortly, Koniver at Soho Health Club will launch will provide state-of-the-art performance medicine treatments to all Soho House members and Soho Friends through a variety of science-backed treatments.

The innovative menu features treatments specifically aimed at longevity, recovery, focus and cognition improvement, performance enhancement, and overall human optimisation alongside aesthetic treatments specific to each location.

Having been practicing Performance Medicine for over 18 years, Craig Koniver, M.D and founder of Koniver Wellness simply wasn’t satisfied with the disease-based model of modern medicine, Dr. Koniver seeks to help his clients optimise their health and performance through time-tested, nutrient and science-driven protocols that are the cutting-edge of medicine.

He believes in order to optimise your health and performance, it takes reconciling everything going on outside-of-you (nutrients, food, toxins, etc.) with everything going on inside-of-you (genetics, thoughts, metabolism, blood flow, etc.) and defines “optimal health” as continuously adapting and balancing these to create cellular harmony, efficiency, and energy.

An innovator in this field, Dr. Koniver’s breakthrough treatments have caught the attention of Fortune 100 CEOs, elite special forces, Hollywood celebrities, and current and retired professional athletes using a unique blend of eastern and western, regenerative, functional, and prescriptive medicine.

Dr Koniver told The Wordrobe, “Having practiced Performance and Longevity Medicine for over 15 years, I am truly honoured and excited to bring these types of services to the members of Soho House. By combining these nutrient infusions and injections into the community setting of each Soho House, we will greatly help move the needle for how wellness and optimization moves forward.” 

Michaela Hurst, Soho Health Club manager, says “We’re delighted to work with Dr Koniver and his team at the Soho Health Club within Shoreditch House. We’re excited to offer his range of premium quality vitamin IV Drips to our members and friends, to enhance their mental and physical wellness.”

Make it happen
How: Koniver at Soho Health Club, Shoreditch is available now to all Soho House members. To book, please visit
Where: Ebor St, London E1 6AW

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