Soft-Boiled Egg, Asparagus & Pecorino Toast

Soft-Boiled Egg, Asparagus & Pecorino Toast

This soft-boiled egg asparagus & pecorino toast recipe from Posh Toast is simple and speedy. And to ‘toff’ it off, delicious with it too

Fresh young asparagus spears are a terrific treat when they come into season after a dull winter.

Pecorino adds a salty tang and keeping the eggs soft boiled creates a creamy sauce without really trying.


• 2 medium eggs
• 2 slices poppy seed bloomer
• 12-16 fine asparagus spears, trimmed
• 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil
• 15g pecorino
• small handful basil leaves
• salt
• freshly ground black pepper

1 Bring a pan of water to the boil. Carefully lower in the eggs and set a timer for 6½ minutes. Once the time is up use a slotted spoon to remove the eggs and plunge into ice-cold water. Set aside.
2 Meanwhile, heat a griddle pan or the grill. Toast the bread on each side, then set aside on plates.
3 Toss the asparagus in ½ tbsp of the oil and season. Griddle or grill for about 2 minutes, or until just tender and slightly charred, turning a few times. Peel the eggs and cut them in half lengthways.
4 Drizzle each slice of toast with the remaining oil. Divide the asparagus between the slices of toast, then top with the egg halves.
5 Shave over the pecorino, scatter with basil leaves and grind over a little black pepper.

Recipe extracted from Posh Toast © Quadrille Publishing. 

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