Sip of the Week: Isle of Raasay Gin

Smooth and unassuming, Giverny Masso spills the details on The Wordrobe’s latest sip of the week; Isle of Raasay Gin

There doesn’t seem to be a corner of the UK that the craze for gin distilling hasn’t reached. 

One of the latest brands to hit the market comes from the remote Isle of Raasay, which is located between mainland Scotland and the Isle of Skye. 


But while this is Raasay’s first legal batch of the spirit, don’t be fooled into assuming the islanders are newcomers to the art of gin making. 

Illicit distilling is said to have taken place on Raasay for centuries, so residents are certainly no strangers to the craft. And with juniper berries growing wild on the island, who can blame them? It would be rude not to!

I tried the Isle of Raasay Gin at an intimate tasting event hosted at the bright and airy Bourne and Hollingsworth Buildings in London earlier last month. 


The spirit is made by Isle of Raasay Distillery, which is owned by independent drinks company R&B Distillers that was founded by entrepreneurs Bill Dobbie and Alasdair Day. 

Described as “dry and zesty”, it combines ten botanicals – including rhubarb root, lemon peel and orange peel – with water from the distillery’s own well. 

I was initially struck by the gin’s beautifully designed bottle, which combines smooth contours with gentle shades of earthy brown, pink and purple. 

The taste mimics this effect; smooth and unassuming.


I’m not someone who usually enjoys drinking neat spirits, but when I tried the Isle of Raasay Gin, it’s mild flavour and sleek texture meant it went down a treat. 


The spirit’s non-dominating flavour also makes it perfect for cocktails, which was demonstrated by the distillers when they served up an indulgent autumnal blend to end the evening. 

The Wordrobe Verdict


Combining the gin with crème de cassis, elderflower cordial, lemon juice, rhubarb bitters and soda water, the cocktail was the perfect tipple to top off the evening and show off the spirit at its finest. 

The distillers have certainly got off to a ‘gin-credible’ start in the legal spirits trade, and are set to make history yet again in 2020, with the release of the isle’s first ever Scotch Whiskey. 

Isle of Raasay gin can be purchased online at, costing £35 for a 70cl bottle.

Words by Giverny Masso

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