Romain Devic’s Shrimp Tofu Buns

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Romain Devic, Executive Chef of Nobu Shoreditch shares the sumptuous secrets to these shrimp tofu buns

For the tofu bao:
• 16g Sugar
• 120g Flour    
• 2.6g Dry Yeast
• 32g Warm Water
• 80g Soy milk

For the dough:
• 280g All Purpose Flour
• 4g Salt
• 8g Sugar
• 40g Melted Butter
• 80g Warm Soy Milk
• 96g Silken Tofu 

For the tempura Batter:
• 1 large egg yolk
• 200ml iced water Do not whisk.
• 100g All Purpose Flour

For the creamy Spicy Sauce:
• 1 Egg Yolk
• 5ml Rice Vinegar
• 1pinch Sea Salt
• 1pinch White Pepper
• 100ml Grapeseed oil
• 6g Chili Garlic sauce

For the Jalapeno Aioli:
• 20g Jalapeno Peppers, without seeds, roughly chopped
• 6g Garlic Clove, roughly chopped
• 6g Salt
• 120ml White Rice Vinegar
• 145ml Grapeseed Oil
• 300g mayo

For the Yuzu Dressing:
• 360ml Grapeseed Oil
• 100ml Soy Sauce
• 180ml Yuzu Juice
• 28g Chopped Garlic
• 7g Black Pepper

To add:
• 8ea Peeled and deveined rock shrimps
• 2ea Nori sheets (silver grade)

To make the tofu bao:
1 Sift the flour and sugar together.
2 Mix the yeast, water and milk together.
3 Mix all together in a stand mixer with the hook attachment. Let sit on the side

To make the dough:
1 Sift the flour, salt and sugar and place in the stand mixer. Add the previous mix. Mix on low
 speed with the hook.
2 Mix the butter, milk and tofu together until smooth then add to the previous mix until a smooth dough is formed and is no longer sticking to the side of the mixing bowl.
3 Let rest for 2 hours with a towel on top. Portion the dough into 40g and roll to form a sphere.
4 Place them on parchment paper and let proof for 2 hours.
5 Lightly brush the dough with oil and steam for 15 minutes

To make the tempura batter:
1 Stir all the elements together, ignoring if few lumps are still present.
Do not whisk.

To make the creamy spicy sauce:
1 Beat the egg with salt & pepper and vinegar. Slowly pour the oil while mixing until mixture is thicken as a mayo. Add the chilli garlic sauce.

To make the Jalapeno Aioli:
1 Blend the peppers and garlic together, adding the vinegar to form a smooth mix. Pouring the oil gradually to obtain a smooth and slick texture. 
Incorporate the mayo.

To make the Yuzu dressing:
1 With an immersion blender, mix oil, soy sauce, yuzu Juice, garlic and pepper. Gradually add the oil to create an emulsion.

To complete: 
1 Deep fry 2 buns, then split them open.
2 Coat the shrimps in flour, then in tempura batter. Deep fry at 170°C until golden crispy.
3 Coat half with Creamy Spicy Sauce, place them on the bottom part of the first bun, sprinkle some chopped chives).
4 Put the top of the bum. Wrap with a nori sheet and spike through with a small skewer. 5 Coat the second half of the shrimps with Jalapeno aioli and proceed the same way as the first bun.
6 Serve with a side of mix green with Yuzu Dressing.

Recipe courtesy of Romain Devic for Nobu Shoreditch

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