Roasted Beetroot, Feta & Fig Salad

Bursting with fragrance and flavour, this beetroot, feta and fig salad is ideal for a colourful starter or light lunch

For the salad (1 portion):
• 4 large beetroot (red, yellow, white, golden)
• Extra-virgin olive oil
• Coarse salt
• 2 sprigs of thyme
• 10g chives, chopped
• 5 green beans
• 20g feta cheese
• Salt & pepper

Dressing (4 portions):
• 200g dry figs
• 500g port wine
• 3 pieces of star anise
• 3 cardamom pods
• 50g olive oil
• 20g chardonnay vinegar

1 Preheat the oven to 180°C. Top and tail the beetroot, leaving the skins on. Toss in a roasting
pan with a little olive oil, the thyme sprig and salt, and roast whole for one hour, or until
cooked (this depends on the size of beetroot).
2 Allow the beetroot to cool a little, then cut it to different shapes and sizes. Place on a big,
round plate and add the halved green beans, the quartered figs, the dressing and a
sprinkling of feta cheese.
3 In a medium pan, add the port wine, the quartered figs and the spices. Bring to the boil on a
medium heat, until reduced by half. Remove half of the figs for the salad and blend the rest
with the olive oil and the vinegar until smooth.

Recipe courtesy of Ioannis Grammenos, Meatologist and Executive Chef at Heliot Steak House

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