Review: Ask Italian’s Festive Menu

Helen Wilcock swaps the turkey for tagliatelle when she tries Ask Italian’s festive menu

It’s no secret that Italian is a lot of people’s favourite cuisine, and it’s not rocket science to work out why.

Pizza and pasta are the perfect comfort food and at Ask Italian they are guaranteed to taste delicious as well as satisfying your cravings.

To celebrate the festive season Ask Italian have created multiple Christmas menus designed to be devoured with friends and family. Keen to indulge, I take the offering for a taste drive. 

The Venue

ASK Italian Spice Quay - Swing Chairs

This well-known brand has sites across the UK but we visited Spice Quay which is just a short walk from London Bridge. On our way to the restaurant we had amazing views of Tower Bridge.

It doesn’t matter how long I have lived in London it never fails to stop me in my tracks, especially when it is lit up at night. Spice Quay is hidden away down an adorable cobbled street and has a beautiful outside terrace looking towards Tower Bridge, it is currently decorated like a winter wonderland with the brand’s special winter terrace and really gets you into the festive spirit.

The Food


There are three different options for the festive menu so you can choose depending on your budget and there is even a separate vegan menu which is great to see for those with specific dietary requirements.

We chose the Super Festivo which began with a glass of prosecco, perfect for Christmas. For our starters it was a celebration of cheese with Burrata Caprese and their Festive Cheese Fondue with dough balls.

The burrata was creamy and paired wonderfully with the light accompanying salad of rocket and tomatoes. The fondue was exactly want you want to indulge in on a winter’s night. It was actually big enough to share with a generous portion of dough balls and rich, gooey cheese to dip into.

ASK Italian Spice Quay - Alpine Snug

We then moved onto the Beef Brisket Bolognese with Tagliatelle and the Prima Pizza Salami Misti Milano. While both dishes aren’t typical of what you would eat at Christmas they were extremely moreish. 

The bolognese was rich and deep in flavour with soft brisket running through the pasta. While the pizza was topped with fennel salami, pepperoni, smoked prosciutto and sweet roasted peppers making it a meat eaters delight.

ASK Italian Spice Quay restaurant

Despite being well and truly stuffed we couldn’t resist over indulging, tis the season! The Chocolate Etna provided great joy when the hot toffee sauce was poured over the dark chocolate cup and melted away before us.

Not to be outdone, the Marshmallow Cone was a unicorn lover’s dream as the shimmery cherry sauce topped the marshmallow filled milk chocolate cone. Both dishes were extremely rich, as you would expect, but were wonderful sweet treats that ended the night on a (sugar) high.

The Wordrobe Verdict

The excellent choice of dishes and menus that suit every budget makes Ask Italian’s Christmas perfect for everyone. While we enjoyed the most expensive offering of three courses with limoncello and a glass of prosecco it will only set you back £24.95, so no need to worry about  breaking the festive bank with this delicious dinner.

The menus are only available for a limited time so be sure not to miss out when celebrating with your favourite people this Christmas.

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