Restaurant Review: ZIMA


Soho may already be brimming with delicious street food eateries but it’s only recently acquired the flavours of Russian cuisine with the opening of Russian chef Alexei Zimin’s restaurant – ZIMA. I went along to taste what’s on offer and here’s the verdict…

The Venue


Decorated with the style of typical Russian dacha and a Soviet-era vodka bar, step inside ZIMA’s doorstep to discover three floors of charming porcelain propaganda and modern Soho touches.

Located in a Grade II listed Soho townhouse, picture an artistic clash of vibrant wall art and delicate interiors – complete with elegantly carved wooden chairs and soft lighting. Upstairs, find a gorgeous al fresco terrace offering diners the perfect spot for supper on a summer’s evening.

 The Food

ZIMA’s dishes offer a modern approach to Russian recipes and techniques. The menu incorporates classic ingredients from across Zimin’s Russian homeland, boasting meals made with fresh sturgeon, scallops, crab, venison and of course, caviar.

The best way to experience ZIMA is by ordering a plentitude of the different tapas-style dishes –  the creamy salmon tartare with cucumber, dill and horseradish, as well the filling lamb shank in refreshing mint broth and succulent venison tartare with dill new potatoes.


Staff are attentive, yet relaxed in their approach – and whilst every need is taken care of, we’re left to dine and chat without the sense of anyone hovering. From rejuvenating fennel and tarragon to a surprisingly delicious horseradish creation, the restaurant’s exquisite infusion cocktails are a must try.

The Verdict

This is street food with an elegant feel. Perfect for anyone looking to try a new and exciting cuisine, ZIMA’s gourmet delights are a refreshing addition to the Soho foodie scene.

★ ★ ★ ★

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For reservations and further information, phone 020 7734 7001 or click here.

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