Restaurant Review: Sumosan Twiga

Post-lockdown, every restaurant visit feels just that little bit more special in comparison to the endless months of takeout and dish washer regimes. But at Sumosan Twiga, the suave Knightsbridge restaurant where a meal can feel as glamorous as going ‘out out’, decadent dining is elevated to the next level, says Editor Sophie Ritchie

The Venue

Tucked away just a credit card’s swipe away from Harvey Nichols, Sumosan Twiga is a multi-storey restaurant filled with all the luxe decor and smartly-dressed staff that one would expect from its Knightsbridge postcode. Spanning across three floors, the venue combines a glamorous restaurant, bar and club – merging Asian and Italian food with an array of cocktails and suave interiors.

A quick staircase climb (one small downside to anyone getting used to wearing teetering high heels again) takes me to the restaurant, where sultry lighting, stylish furnishings and a small army of waiters welcome us to our table for two. It’s 7pm and those that have been visiting for a post-shop pitstop are beginning to leave – in the space of half an hour, casual tracksuits and swathes of designer shopping bags are replaced by the arrival of neon dresses, ties, taffeta and enough Charlotte Tilbury blusher to make Sumosan Twiga’s department store neighbours, well, blush.

There’s a big mix of friends, families, first dates – all here to enjoy the sheer art of dining out. A fairly vacant venue is soon filled to the brim, with thumping DJ beats breathing a party atmosphere into the room as the space comes to life.

The Food

On the menu, it’s Chef Choice for the evening – meaning each course is a surprise rather than ordering a la carte from the menu. After the waiter checks our dietary requirements, we begin with a large platter of sushi, accompanied with veggie gyoza, vibrant green edamame and three meaty squares of tuna sashimi. We waste no time in getting stuck in, hungry after a 40-minute walk from Vauxhall to get here. Fresh and light (but somehow always surprisingly filling) the sushi starter is excellent summer weather cuisine.

For mains, we share a gorgeous sea bass paired with a glass of Italian Sauvignon Blanc, blended with a variety of grape yields. Served and filleted at the table for added theatrics, the sea bass is crispy yet simultaneously supple, gilding down my throat like butter. It’s served san sides, which is good if you prefer lighter meals with fish alone. If you prefer comfort food all year round and larger portions, it would definitely be worth adding a few extra side dishes to bulk it out.

The delicious parade of dishes ends with an equally featherweight dessert – we split a quartet of slightly melted passionfruit mochi balls with an enormous fruit platter. Music to my eyes – it’s a beautiful composition of berries, melon, grapes and all the other 5-a-day feel-goods. My guest and I sit and bask in the lively atmosphere, picking at the platter like contemporary vultures as we catch up on the latest gossip over two excellent espresso martinis.

Ironically, I’m briefly reminded of lockdown living as my siblings ring my phone for the weekly House Party catch up – a tradition started when Covid first struck. My younger brother’s cheeky face briefly flashes up in the middle of the suave surroundings. Some things don’t change – just like the unstoppable charm of Sumosan Twiga’s swish dining experience.

The Wordrobe Verdict

If you love Japanese cuisine, Italian dishes and restaurants that leave a lasting mark, book a table at Sumosan Twiga this summer. The dishes and cocktails are delectable, the interiors are dreamy and the upbeat DJ atmosphere will make you fall in love with glamorous venues all over again.

Make it happen
Where: 165 Sloane St, London SW1X 9QB
How: Please visit or phone +44 2030 960 222 to make a reservation.

Words by Sophie Ritchie, editor

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