Restaurant Review: Seveni

Writer Helen Wilcock puts her barbecue skills to the test when she visits Seveni for a charcoal-filled feast

I am the type of person who loves authentic cuisine. Whilst London is full of incredible food, with plates from all over the world, it can still be hard to find dishes that honour their heritage. Seveni offers diners exactly this – incredible North-Eastern Chinese cuisine in the heart of South London.


Relaunched in September and a short walk from the iconic Imperial War Museum, Seveni has a interiors perfect for couples and groups alike. Charcoal BBQs take centre stage whilst restaurant interiors feature a giant fish tank and futuristic door welcoming you into the restaurant.

The menu can only be described as vast! There is such a huge variety that it’s almost overwhelming to choose at first glance. However, the staff are extremely helpful in offering recommendations and advice which smoothes the process tremendously.


There are two main types to choose from. First, skewers which arrive at the table cooked and ready to eat and then a number of charcoal BBQ dishes. The latter arrive raw and you cook them yourself at the table (ideal for testing those barbecue skills pre-summer).

While the menu covers everything from sweet and sour chicken to beef aorta, it does not have a huge amount of vegetarian and vegan dishes – something to be aware of if your guest has dietary requirements.

The Food & Drink


We were very excited to try the BBQ and wanted to see how it compared to other restaurants we have visited. Please note, there’s a strict rule where if you are ordering the BBQ then the dishes must equate to at least £35.

With the help of the waitress, we order a selection of dishes including chicken thighs, streaky beef, lamb chops and potatoes. We made a rookie error with putting the lamb on first which took a while (we should have started with another meat which cooked quicker and could eat while waiting for the lamb).


It was very fun to be able to have the BBQ as the centerpiece, however we did have a slight issue with the waitress. While she was trying to help us with the cooking process she kept using the same tongs for the raw and cooked meat which was slightly worrying for us as it is best to have one for each.


In addition to the ‘cook it yourself’ dishes we also tried the chicken skewers, dumplings and shredded pork. All of the dishes did arrive almost at the same time but luckily we were sat on a table for four so the two of us had space for everything.

Our favourite dishes were definitely the lamb chops and the chicken skewers! The BBQ gave the lamb a wonderful charcoal flavour and crust which added another delicious element to the dish.


The chicken skewers were wonderfully crispy on the outside with their tempura batter while soft and succulent on the inside. It would have been great to have a dip or sauce for the dishes to add more flavour.

The Wordrobe Verdict


We really enjoyed our visit and the restaurant was very busy so clearly a popular local restaurant.

The menu is perfect for those looking to try adventurous dishes traditional to North East Chinese cuisine. You certainly don’t have a lack of choice when deciding what to try – and if you’re a carnivore, you’re especially going to enjoy Seveni.

Make it happen
Where: 82 Kennington Rd, Lambeth, London SE11 6NL
How: Please visit or phone 020 3795 9921 to make a reservation.

Words by Helen Wilcock

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