Restaurant Review: SABROSO!

Writer Helen Wilcock heads to Westfield London for a mouthful mecca at SABROSO!, the new Venezuelan-inspired fast casual restaurant

Founded by Gabriel and Jose-Luis Gonzalez, the brothers who brought Peruvian food to London with LIMA, SABROSO! is the newest offering by the pair who plan to introduce London foodies to the joys of Venezualan food.

Sabroso - Ceviche with Tequeños 2

The new restaurant sits inside Westfield White City, offering guests casual dining while celebrating the incredible flavourful dishes in the traditional style. It is all about delicious, comforting food with a fun atmosphere – what’s not to love?

Restaurant Review: SABROSO!

Its location means that SABROSO! sits alongside cuisine from around the world but the colours and amazing smell that comes from their section of the food court is guaranteed to entice new and returning visitors.

The Food & Drink

Restaurant Review: SABROSO!

The focus of the menu is the arepa which is similar to pitta bread but made with corn flour and is the perfect grilled pocket to be filled with the flavours of Venezuela.

You can either choose to make your own arepa with a range of delicious ingredients or guests can enjoy one already created by the brothers.

We opt for a mix of both, the Pelua is an arepa filled with braised beef and cheddar cheese while in our BYO we had pulled pork, black beans, venesulan cheese and sabroso sauce.

The arepa itself was light and crispy, adding great texture to the dish. Both were really great and we loved the versatility of being able to choose exactly what is included. Our only slight issue was that it is a very messy dish – so beware. If you bite into it like a burrito then the filling does fall out the bottom (and potentially all over your jeans).

Sabroso arepas 2

For the healthy crowd, the menu also features fresh ceviche bowls. If you are dining as a group or can’t agree on what to have, there seems to be a dish for everyone.

I also enjoyed the versatility of the sides –  the tequenos are a must try! The crispy cheese filled pastries come with a side of mango chutney and are divine; each serving has three so be sure to order extra if you don’t fancy sharing.

Sabroso arepas 5

This was my first time trying yuca and it was delightful, the taste is very similar to normal chips but they look like parsnips. As a notorious veggie-phobe, I was pleasantly surprised and loved trying so many things that we had not heard of or experienced before.

Don’t forget the drinks either. The Papelon con Limon (sugarcane lemonade) and Cocada (coconut smoothie) were both exquisite.

The lemonade has a very similar taste to ice tea, it does have a slightly unappealing look but do let that put you off as the taste is amazing. The smoothie meanwhile is a coconut lover’s dream. Try it post-meal as a dessert – it’s indulgently sweet and sips like a non-alcoholic pina colada.

The Wordrobe Verdict

Braised Beef & Cheese Arepa (3)

Don’t be put off by its shopping centre home – there’s nothing bland or cookie cutter about this restaurant. SABROSO! offers foodies the chance to learn about a new cuisine and taste delicious dishes at the same time.

One location downside – this is extremely casual dining, so be prepared to fight (potentially myself) for a table. However, the food that awaits you makes it totally worthwhile.

Sabroso - Ceviche with Tequeños 1

The staff were really helpful in explaining the different dishes and advising on which is the most popular, while the bright decor definitely transports you away from cold dark London to warmer climates. Viva las Venezuela –  SABROSO! is a breath of fresh air in London’s smoggy ozone.

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Where: Balcony Court Café, Westfield, London W12 7GF
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