Over 97% Of Women Feel Judged For How They Look, According To New Research

Earlier this year, Sinclair conducted a global study on behalf of the MaiLi brand, seeking insights into women’s attitudes toward judgement, power, and dermal fillers. Shockingly, the study revealed that 97 per cent felt judged based on their appearance

Additionally, 90 per cent stated that women should have the freedom to make choices about their appearance.
MaiLi released the results in March 2023, after surveying 10,000-plus women identifying as female, aged 18 and above, from the UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. 

The survey revealed that a whopping 87.92% of those who took part in the study agreed with the statement ““I believe women should be free from the judgement of others when it comes to their appearance,” thus, suggesting that although we face scrutiny on a daily basis, women collectivity wish to be done and dusted from the opinion of peers.

Startlingly, more than half of all participants (60.55%) also checked yes to receiving received negative comments / trolls / abuse (online or in person) about their appearance.

TheMaiLi brand then used these results as a springboard for discussion at its recent Power Brunch event, which took place with a panel of success women and a mix of press and influencers. A range of topics were covered, including the influence of social media on beauty standards, authenticity in beauty, the relationship between self-confidence and aesthetic procedures, the importance of self-care in overcoming societal challenges, embracing personal triggers, empowerment and the significance of true identity.

With so much data suggesting more emphasis than ever upon female beauty standards and peer judgement, such discussions aim to voice these concerns out loud and begin to dissect the narrative behind these findings and what can be done to change them.

Read the full set of results via maili.com

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