My Week In Photos

It’s Saturday night, and I’m currently surrounded by clothes, mismatched gloves and a rather delicious spinach and grilled chicken salad.  Nope – this isn’t a very strange cleaning routine, I’m multi-tasking, working out what’s next to tackle on my to-do list and packing for a very Good Things exciting adventure that comes with a 4am alarm. But when Italy calls, you must answer.

Here’s what I’ve been up to so far this week  – from covering my hands in henna to hiking all over the South Downs, it’s been a pretty busy one.

1 Browsing in Brighton


On Monday I worked late in Brighton and went strolling through the lanes afterwards. On a mild March night, it’s a fabulous place to wander around.

2 Covering my hands in henna 


I also attended a book launch for Anjum Anand’s latest book in London and it was just fantastic. She is so inspiring. I met some really interesting people during the evening and had my hands covered in henna for the first time too.


It’s such a beautiful and artistic method – I’d have it all the time if I could, although my friend did comment that it did look a little bit ‘like a blotch from afar’ when I showed her. Some people just don’t understand art, man.

3 Hitting 300 followers on my blog


I reached 300 followers on my blog last night – how amazing! I’m so happy for every single one of you to be interested in what I write about and what fills my brain. Stay tuned little ones.

4 Eating, eating and more eating


I’ve been tucking in to some great dishes for work and with friends – as well as discovering a secret late night penchant for 85% dark chocolate. I’ll let the photos do the talking…

5 Beating cardio targets


When I first started visiting the gym again, I set 800 calories per hour as my goal. Now, three months on, I can smash 1,000 in the same timeframe. It sounds silly, but I love competing against myself to reach a higher number each time.

6 Hiking some gorgeous coastline 


Today I took on the East Sussex coastline and hiked across the whole of Seven Sisters county park, then back. 29,000 steps later, it was long, it was gruelling but it was 100% worth it for the beautiful views. Although my legs are aching just a little bit!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend,

Sophie x


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