Mission Possible


Today has been what I like to call a mission day – and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Some days, I have a completely normal routine. I wake up. I read my emails. I go to the gym. I do work. I do more work. Some days though, I run around like a headless chicken from start to finish. And today was one of those.

From a 5am alarm (ouch) to manoeuvring the car out of a 5 inch gap (thanks to my thoughtfully parked neighbour) it was off with a bang. An hour in the gym – straight back home to drop my keys off (my recently fixed car is having an MOT today) and swap them for the car I’m renting for a few days whilst my little runaround is away (always with a backup plan, me!).

Shower done and one very frantic hair dry later, back in the car for a drive to Hemel Hempstead. My first pitstop of the day – a two hour ski lesson for a ski feature I’m putting together! I’ve been skiing before, but I was never that great.

Today, to my surprise – I did pretty well and ended up being moved to the ultra-advanced group. When we finished, the instructor told me to not bother with any more lessons and just “go straight to the top of the slope.” Of course, I didn’t show it but inside I was pretty thrilled! That just about made my day – I was even asked to lead other skiers down the slope!? Just shows what a little exercise dedication and mental attitude can do.


Lesson finished and normal clothes back on (who doesn’t love sexy ski dungarees) I was straight back in the car for a zoom to Guildford. Editing, writing, social media scheduling and serious emailing – bham, bham, bham. Updating tables for a few side project and persuading my dad to be a personal post officer this weekend whilst I’m away. Downing water like I’m part waterfall. Eating salad like I’m part rabbit. One elegant Starbucks bathroom change later (it feels slightly unethical to wear Chanel in such a place) and it was on the train – straight to London for my next expedition.

More editing, more planning and a few snacks later, and I’m just about to go have dinner at the top of The Shard. I’ll get back pretty late and I’m off again to Birmingham first thing tomorrow with wellies in tow… but hey, who cares? It’s The Shard. 

All in a day’s work, my friends! I love crazy days like this. Never stopping – ever, ever.

Sophie x

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