Le Deli Robuchon’s Crêpe Recipe 

Plate up for Pancake Day with Le Deli Robuchon’s Crêpe recipe, a sugary masterpiece courtesy of Head Chef Dario Avenca

• 1 litre whole milk 
• 500gr flour T55 
• 10gr salt 
• 9 eggs 
• 250gr caster sugar 
• 1 vanilla pod 
• 125gr hazelnut butter 
• 60gr vegetable oil 
• 300gr water/milk 

1 To start, grate the vanilla pod into the milk. Gently cook the butter until it gets a light brown colour and begin to strain it. 
2 Heat the milk until lukewarm and incorporate hazelnut butter. In a mixing bowl, whisk the flour, eggs, sugar, salt and oil. Once mixed, slowly pour in the heated milk and hazelnut butter, and keep stirring until you get a smooth mixture. Rest your mixture for a minimum of one hour before use.
3 Add water to create your perfect consistency. Once rested, cook in a frying pan. 
4 Serve with your favourite toppings!

Recipe courtesy of Dario Avenca, Head Chef of Le Deli Robuchon

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