Join W Maldives For August Fitness Retreat With Bradley Simmonds

Join W Maldives this August as it unites fitness aficionados from across the globe for an extraordinary retreat experience hosted by Bradley Simmonds

There are certainly worse places to workout in the world than the Maldives. Prepare to embark on a transcendent fitness and wellness sojourn as W Maldives presents SWEAT IT OUT fitness retreat, an awe-inspiring week-long fitness extravaganza set to ignite senses from 21 to 26 August 2023.

This captivating event will unite fitness aficionados from across the globe for an extraordinary experience amidst the ethereal surrounding of the luxury playground. 

SWEAT IT OUT is inspired by one of W Hotels’ Pasion Points—BODY— and transcends the ordinary  weaving an enchanting tapestry of heart pumping workouts and body-transforming classes guided by the  industry’s crème de la crème.

Spearheading the charge is the internationally acclaimed fitness  professional, Bradley Simmonds, who will help participants achieve their fitness goals with his unparalleled expertise and his mission to highlight the gym’s core values—simple, unpretentious, and above all invigorating.

The event will also offer pulse-quickening classes by the vanguard of electrifying exercise regimens, Jumping Fitness,  that will ignite your spirit. Simmonds is a young and ambitious fitness professional on a mission to inspire, motivate, and  empower individuals to embrace a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and a nourishing diet. 

Renowned for his remarkable work with celebrity clients, Bradley will use his no-nonsense approach, aptly  named “Get It Done,” that propels participants of all ages and sizes to achieve long-term, sustainable  results and ignite sense of triumph and fulfillment at the end of every workout.  

Jumping Fitness is the brainchild of Jana and Tomas, two young and innovative fitness enthusiasts who  have broken into the industry with their unique and trademarked Jumping programs incorporating the use of their own design of hexagonal trampolines.

Since its conception in 2001, Jumping Fitness is now  available in 54 countries and have produced over 1,100 trainers from across the world while gaining  international recognitions as it has successfully brought joy and fun into an otherwise rigorous workout regimens. 

“We are absolutely thrilled to join forces with Bradley Simmonds and Jumping Fitness for the first-ever SWEAT IT OUT fitness retreat, an unparalleled fitness sojourn set against the backdrop of paradise,” said Idu Ribeiro, the General Manager of W Maldives.

He added, “Our curated program encompasses a  multitude of interests and abilities, assuring participants a transformative experience that will rejuvenate  mind, body, and soul, leaving indelible memories in their wake.” 

The classes have been meticulously choreographed throughout the week, each one unfolding at a different  mesmerizing location, revealing the extraordinary beauty of the heart-shaped island that W Maldives is  located. Every session unlocks a fresh routine, ensuring an ever-evolving fitness odyssey, where participants are treated to an array of invigorating workout styles that will leave them captivated and  craving for the next chapter.  

The SWEAT IT OUT experience promises a series of delightful activities, fostering new bonds and  unleashing the warrior within. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast looking to ascend new height  or a budding beginner on the quest for a healthier lifestyle, this event promises an enchanting voyage  tailored to your desires.

Expand your experience at the luxury playground with W Maldives’ Half Board On Us offer, complete with daily buffet breakfast at KITCHEN, complimentary daily three-course dinner  for two at the restaurant of your choice—WET, FIRE, or FISH—, and non-alchoolic beveration at the in room W Mix Bar.  

Make it happen
How: With limited spots available for this extraordinary gathering, advance booking is highly recommended to  embark on this invigorating journey of physical and mental fortitude. Participants can book through our  Whatever/Whenever team at  
When: 21 – 26 August 2023.

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