How To Make The Perfect Smoked Negroni

Here’s how to create The Smoked Negroni at Hilton Lake Comoconjured by the hotel’s resident mixologist and barman Vincenzo Sulmona.

Take a taste of la dolce vita and transport yourself to the popular rooftop bar at Hilton Lake Como, which overlooks Italy’s most luxurious and iconic lake…

Smoked Negroni ingredients:
• Vermouth Rosso: 3cl
• Campari bitter: 3cl
• Gin: 3cl

Extras: Orange peel, dried thyme, ice

Smoked Negroni recipe:
1 Mix – Pour all the ingredients into a rock glass filled with ice.
2 Stir – Stir the cocktail for 15 seconds until it’s well chilled.
3 Garnish – Garnish with a strip of orange peel.
4 Burn – Burn the slightly dried thyme and cover with a glass bell.

You can use any glass container that is large enough to cover the glass. For the perfect Lake Como experience, we suggest you infuse the thyme into the gin for at least 36/48 hours. 

Recipe and images courtesy of Hilton Lake Como.

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