How To Make Lima’s Leche de Tigre Ceviche

Having recently undergone an extensive renovation to celebrate 10 years of treating Londoners to exceptional Peruvian cuisine, LIMA share their secrets to a Leche de Tigre ceviche

The Leche de Tigre is the soul of the Peruvian Ceviche and one of the most popular exports of Peruvian cuisine. In Peru, tiger’s milk is often served as a shot alongside the ceviche, but this recipe is also the base for any classic Ceviche.

Simply pour it over the fish of your choice (Sea Bass/ Sea Bream or any fresh white fish) with some crunchy cancha corn and a bit of finely-chopped coriander. Voila – you’ll feel like you’ve been transported straight into the heart of the Peruvian action.

• 200gr Fresh White Fish (e.g. Sea Bass)                                
• 600gr Fish Stock                                  
• 20gr Fresh Root Ginger (peeled)                                        
• 20g Garlic (peeled but left whole)                              
• 100gr Celery (roughly chopped)                                     
• 3gr Coriander stem                                                              
• 110gr White Onion (roughly chopped)                              
• 3gr Aji limo Chilli*                                                                
• 700gr Juice of a freshly squeezed lime (always by hand) 

1 Mix all the above ingredients minus the fish in a blender until smooth (approximately 50 seconds).
2 Pour into a bowl through a fine sieve.
3 Taste test (add a pinch of salt or more lime juice to taste!).
4 Place in the refrigerator before serving.

*Aji Limo Chilli – in the absence of this highly aromatic Chilli one can use pickled Jalapeño pepper

Try it for yourself at Lima
31 Rathbone Pl, London W1T 1JH

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