How To Lose Weight (And Eat Out At The Same Time)

I’m no nutritionist, but here are a few of my tips for losing weight even when you’re surrounded by food all the time.


A lot of my job as a journalist involves food – whether’s that’s photographing it, writing about it or eating it. I often get asked how I balance eating out with keeping fit – mainly because I’ve lost quite a bit of weight recently.


Truth be told, there’s no secret science to it. Hard work, dedication, lots of fruit and little changes. I don’t believe in dieting – I’ve had eating disorders in the past and find it both tedious and ineffective. Besides, life is too short not to indulge with white wine and seafood.


Ditch the fad diets and say goodbye to boring fads. Instead, here are five of the simple ways I’ve used to get back in shape.

1 The 60 golden minutes
Get an hour of cardio in. Whether it’s running, biking or swimming. One hour. Every day.

2 Move your feet
This rule has made a huge change. Start walking wherever possible. I walk to meetings, I walk to the shops, I take the long route. It’s so worth it.

3 Fruit. And then more fruit.
Snack away but snack on the right stuff. I love berries, figs, mango and apple. I could eat fruit until it comes out of my ears – but it’s great for you! Don’t limit yourself. Lean sources of protein are also very important – I eat loads of fish and chicken.

4 Indulge every week
Don’t deprive yourself – it will only lead to a binge. Have at least one meal a week full of great, more indulgent food. I’m not talking about greasy burgers or chips. Stay away from food that will make you feel bad or wrecked with guilt where possible.  I mean amazing pasta, fresh seafood, steak and fantastic drinks. Food should be enjoyed – you just have to do so in moderation.

5 Simple swaps
Finally, making little changes makes a lot of difference. I cut out red meat but still eat masses of seafood. I avoid bread where possible most of the time but tuck into heaving plates of salad and vegetables instead. Be honest with yourself and look at the easy ways you can make great choices.

Easy peasy – and not a fad diet in sight.

Sophie x

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